LAKBAY NORTE: Malolos Travel Guide For First Time Visitors

If you decide to visit Malolos there is plenty to see and it will surely be worth it. Malolos is the capital city of Bulacan. It is only about 45km north of Manila, and so if you are in Manila it is a good idea to visit Malolos. This complete Malolos travel guide will come in handy when you visit Malolos.

Lakbay Norte 7 Bus at Victory Liner Cubao Terminal

First of all it will be interesting to learn where the name Malolos derives from. The word comes from the word “paluslos” which means “downwards” in Tagalog. Since many villages flourished along the Malolos River, and as there are many rivers flowing to Manila Bay, Malolos got its names from this word when the Spaniards arrived in 1571. The city became a focal point for the economy in the area especially after 1670. In fact it became a production center for various products, particularly rice, sugar and textiles.


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NLEX Traffic Control Center photo by Martin San Diego- NPVB
NLEX Traffic Control Room/ Martin San Diego- NPVB

Malolos is important in Philippine history because it is home to the first Philippine Republic. Apart from that the first ever Philippine Constitution was actually made in the famous Barasoain Church. This church is in fact regarded as the main attraction of the city of Malolos. Many describe it as a heritage city and no visit to Malolos would be considered as being a proper one unless one visits this church. It was built in 1885 and the very first Philippine Congress was held there in 1898.

Inside Barasoain Museum – Exploring Malolos
 Inside Barasoain Museum – Rediscover Malolos

Apart from the Barasoain Church there are however plenty of other churches one can visit, not to mention various historical sites, period houses and landmarks too. Right adjacent to the Barasoain Church there is the Barasoain Museum, where you will be able to see memorabilia and photos.

Malolos Cathedral’s beautiful interiors.
Malolos Cathedral interiors

There is also the Museo Diocesano de Malolos where one will be able to see various religious items showcased, including antique prayer cards, original baptismal records and priestly robes.

Lakbay Norte 7 Team at Jollibee NLEX by Martin San Diego- NPVB
Lakbay Norte 7 Participants/ Martin San Diego- NPVB

When you have visited the Barasoain church and these two museums it is highly recommended that in your Malolos heritage tour you also include the Malolos Cathedral. This is dedicated to the Lady of Immaculate Concepcion and was founded in 1580. This church served as the Palacio Presidentia during the First Philippine Republic.

Right in front of the cathedral is the Malolos Municipal Building which was built in 1940. This building has a Neo Classical style. In front of it you will also notice the statue of Marcelo H. del Pilar.

Mrs. Naty Ocampo-Castro and her Pabalat art
Mrs. Naty Ocampo-Castro demonstrated the art of making pastillas paper “pabalat” and it has transformed from a local, folk tradition into a popular art.

There are several houses which also belonged to the elite families that used to live in the town. Some of these include the house of Don Ramon Gonzales, the house of Don Jose Bautista, the house of Dr. Luis Santos and the Hermogenes Reyes House.

Inside Uitangcoy-Santos House by Martin San Diego- NPVB
Inside Uitangcoy-Santos House by Martin San Diego- NPVB

Next it is recommended that you pass from the MacArthur Highway so that you will be able to see the Bulacan Capitol Building.

Gorgoria CookiesThis was built in an Art Deco style based on the design of famous Juan Arellano. It was built in 1930.

These are the most important buildings you will find during your Malolos heritage tour. However, it is also worth recommending some places where you can enjoy a good meal while you are on your Malolos day trip.

Some of the most popular and acclaimed restaurants where you can savor some of the heritage dishes include the Kabisera Restaurant at Alido Heights, the Bistro Maloleno at the Capitol View Park and the Citang’s Eatery.

If you would like to buy some souvenirs to commemorate your trip to Malolos we recommend visiting the Eurobake store which is situated right beside the arch which welcomes you as you enter Malolos.

Hamon Bulakenya Bistro Maloleño
Hamon Bulakenya Bistro Maloleño

A day trip to Malolos should definitely form part of your Bulacan travel guide, and it will surely be a trip which you will remember as there are many important historical buildings to check out here.

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