Lam Dong Trail 2021 – Back to Nature officially takes place from 5th to 7th November, 2021 in Da Lat city

  • Lam Dong Trail 2021 – Back to nature
  • Lam Dong Trail 2021 officially will take place from November 5th  to 7th , 2021 in Da Lat city, Lam Dong province with an expected 5,000 runners.
  • The signature of the event is the authentic experience, "back to nature" on a pristine trail stretching through the poetic and majestic highlands.
  • Lam Dong Trail is the first off-road run in Vietnam with a distance exclusively for kid runners, creating a new experience for children, tightening and connecting parents and children.
  • The race contributes promoting tourism in Lam Dong province.
  • Prize structure information and ticket promotion for early registration.

LAM DONG, Vietnam, April 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On November 5th  to 7th , 2021, the Lam Dong Trail 2021 will be held in Da Lat city, Lam Dong with the aim of bringing a healthy sporting event associated with the unique nature experience, thereby introducing beautiful landscapes of the country and local people in Lam Dong and Vietnam to domestic and international tourists, contributing to local tourism development.

Lam Dong Trail 2021 - Back to nature
Lam Dong Trail 2021 – Back to nature

With the message "back to nature", Lam Dong Trail 2021 is the opening event of the VietnamJoy series of off-road runs in 2021. It is expected that the trail will attract about 5,000 domestic and international runners. The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Lam Dong has agreed in coordination with the P2D Trading and Production Service Co., Ltd to organize the trail. 

Immerse yourself with poetic Da Lat, conquer limits and discover yourself

With 04 different distances (10km, 21km, 42km and 70km), the Lam Dong Trail stretches through steep hills, streams, natural lakes, green pine forests … and all are covered by the cool and fresh atmosphere at the highlands of Da Lat. November is the best time to explore this place when the dry season has arrived, the climate is cool, a bit chilly at the beginning of the day or at night. All will create ideal conditions for runners to break through their limits, achieve higher results and immerse themselves in the wild nature when conquering difficult and dangerous terrains. On the other hand, on the jogging journey, you have the opportunity to enjoy the green space, romantic nature and relaxing moments for your soul. With the longest distance, the road will cross the poetic Lang Biang peak, promising a meaningful conquering experience to the runners.

Through the run, the organizers ambitious to build a community that widely connects thousands of domestic and international runners whom who love sports, towards building a healthy lifestyle and passion for tourism, experience, explore new lands.

The Kids Trail activity is exclusively for child runners.

Lam Dong Trail 2021 is the first multi-terrain jogging tournament in Vietnam designed for Kids Trail, a distance of 2km for kid runners under 14 years old. To successfully conquer this distance, children need the help of their parents to learn running skills, observation skills, topographical judgment and handling situations while living in a natural environment. This will be a very first memorable experience, helping to connect family feelings and nurturing love of nature and running through the impressive Kids Trail journey.

Great experience for friends, domestic and international tourists

Lam Dong Trail not only has runners participating but also attracts a large number of domestic and international audiences to watch and cheer for the run. The experiencing diverse natural landscapes, cuisines and cultures such as kayak, trekking, cycling, music festivals … for thousands of runners and spectators coming to Dalat will contribute promoting Strong local tourism economy.

Lam Dong Trail and VietnamJoy trekking series are expected to become activities that elevate Vietnam’s landscapes to become a world-class destination, attracting tourists by promoting unique culture and a wonderful natural sightseeings through running tracks. With that meaningful purpose, the run has received valuable support from the Lam Dong Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism during its preparation and organization. (

Attractive prizes and discount tickets up to 50% when registering from April 9, 2021

With 04 running distances (10km, 21km, 42km and 70km), the Organizing Committee will award the first, second and third prizes to the best male and female runners. The total value of prizes at Lam Dong Trail 2021 amounted to about 200 million VND in cash. In addition, runners who complete the registered distance will be awarded medals and photos with creative photobooths.

Lam Dong Trail 2021 will officially open the registration gate from 9.00 am on Friday 09/04/2021 with an attractive Super Early Bird period only for the first 500 registration slots.

For more information about Lam Dong Trail 2021, please visit:

About VietnamJoy:

Simply starting from the love of running, along with passion for traveling everywhere to explore the majestic beautiful nature of Vietnam, VietnamJoy is a group of sports lovers who want to bring to the field running tournaments with mission:

  • Discover and love beautiful Vietnam from local people and international friends
  • Bringing attendees back to majestic nature with unforgettable experiences and connecting with themselves.
  • Promote and develop local tourism economy, thereby contributing to build the Fund "Development of young sports talent in Vietnam".

Also for those reasons, the event Lam Dong Trail 2021 is the opening event for the running series of VietnamJoy in the future.

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