Las Vegas: Diving Into The Extravagant Heart Of America

Built in the midst of a desert as an oasis of adventure and luxury, Las Vegas has endured for nearly 70 years as a must-see destination in the heart of the American West. As more and more family-oriented resorts and adventures have blossomed in the city, it may seem that the old Vegas, the luxurious, decadent, extravagant Vegas, has faded away. In fact, Las Vegas has ample places to see and experience a wide variety of luxurious atmospheres and exotic adventures.

Extravagant Las Vegas

Your luxury adventures may begin with your choice of accommodation. Deluxe accommodation in Vegas is, of course, the suite, and the glamorous hotels on and off the Strip have plenty to suit varied tastes. Whether you prefer the wild party vibe of a penthouse suite or a more refined elegance, you’ll find it here. One of the best deluxe suites in Vegas is located at the Bellagio. This stupendous hotel differs from the glittering modern hotels such as the Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Las Vegas, though all three hotels are owned by developer Stephen Wynn.

The Chairman Suite is certainly the most deluxe destination at the Bellagio. Featuring an indoor garden and fountain, fireplaces throughout and a full-service bar, the suite, which covers 4,000 square feet, also includes plenty of room “for your personal staff”, if you bring them along for the trip.

Gastronomic adventurers will also find plenty to tempt the taste buds here, and high-rollers will find plenty of dining options to splurge on. You can partake of a 16-course degustation menu at Joёl Robuchon; Osetra caviar is a specialty here. Or perhaps you would prefer the black truffle soup and spicy sea bass at Guy Savoy. There are also a number of impressive steakhouses throughout the city.

Outlandish adventures

There are numerous adventures to be had in Las Vegas, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will lead you throughout the city and out into the countryside. You can sip an expensive cocktail at a posh nightclub, or dance on the bar at the Coyote Ugly Saloon; wander the legendary Fremont Street, or roam Zion National Park. For a truly memorable, even frightening, experience, you cannot miss out on Dinner in the Sky. Sit in a bucket seat 150 feet above the ground, served by a waiter and with 180-degree views of the Vegas skyline – truly an exhilarating and extravagant experience!

Whether your tastes run toward luxurious amenities or outlandish adventure, you will find something memorable to experience in Las Vegas.

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