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I have created a blog post in the past that my greatest wish when I was a kid is to go to the Disney Land. And even up to know I am still acquainted with the thought of making wishes on coins and throw them into the fountains.
I have wished to go to the Disney Land. And will still wish to go there in the near future. 
I must say , until now I am still trapped with the idea of Disney World has to offer. There is no Disney Land here in the Philippines but there are so many amusement and theme parks all over the country.
So today I am going to share some of the interesting theme parks I visited so far. 




The most common is the carnival which is commonly identified  for Filipinos as Perya , peryahan or carnival, which is known from town to town to complete the fiesta celebration. Picture out these Carnivals everywhere. Will surely give you a great experience with thrilling and wonderful rides.
I am such a lucky guy that I have stumbled upon numbers of great theme parks in the Philippines. Enchanted Kingdom, Star City, Manila Ocean Park, Fantasy world and a lot more.
Enchanted Kingdom
Enchanted Kingdom is a well known theme park in Luzon. Located in Sta Rosa ,Laguna and a 20 minute ride away from Metro Manila. If it’s your first time , have yourself a map and explore the areas like the Victoria Pakr , Brooklyn Place, Spaceport, Portabello, Jungle outpost, Midway  Boardwalk and Boulderville. 
I personally enjoyed the space shuttle and the wheel of Fate. The scariest ride ? That must be the Anchors away. When I was riding at the Anchor Away, I felt I was gonna puke. I just had to scream to death and enjoyed the ride.
Fantasy World 
This theme amusement and recreation club park is located on top of the beautiful rolling mountain view of Taal Lake. The park offers a complete family entertainment which is similar to Disneyland.
Non-member can visit the park for Php1000 with a maximum of 10 persons.
Just inside the park is a condominium and owners can go inside the place for free but non members need to pay. 
This park is commonly known as Fantasy world Tagaytay but the castle is in Lemery , Batangas.
Star City
The Star City must be the longest running amusement park in Metro Manila. From youngsters to those young at hearts, star city gives tourists a treat to a star and Aliw theater. I guess , that would be one of the reasons to drop by.
Star City is located within the area of the cultural center of the Philippines.
What to do in Star City?
roller coaster
observe the screams of the crowd
Jurassic Park
Wild River
A theme park that offers a  great adventure and experience without having to leave Metro Manila. Affordable and accessible.
I recently made a trip in Dipolog last month and found out that there is still life after five!  It is very surprising that a provincial city has a nightlife. Aside from the numbers of bars lined up in the center of the province, there is Gloria’s FantasyLand that gives everyone spectacular rides until midnight. Gloria de Dapitan or Fantasyland treats you with a live band, restaurants  and a lot more. Mind you , the area has Wifi Internet access… Cool hindi ba?
This world class theme park is the biggest theme park outside of the Metro Manila and has 35 rides. Best to visit the theme park at night so you can see the the views around. 
What to do at FantasyLand
Mini Coaster ride
flying balls wheel ride
tea cups ride
air balloon ride
octopus ride
bumper car
giant roller coaster
pirate ship
ferry’s wheel
horror walk and a lot more
Fantasyland has more fun rides and activities elsewhere and bonus is, it is located next to a shopping mall . Fantasyland is related to the world famous Dakak beach resort .
How to get there is very easy . It is 30 minute ride from the Dipolog Bus terminal .
In Subic bay there are three theme parks . Subic bay has Zoobic Safari, tree top adventure  and ocean adventure. 
Zoobic Safari offers exotifc wildlife to the country. What so famous about the park are the tigers and the tiger safari. Get a chance to travel into a tiger Habitat. Our jeep was enclosed with a wire to keep the sharp teeth and claws of wild tigers. Other animals are also around . There are crocodiles too. 
Ocean Adventure Park on the other hand is a great park that teaches people about marine conservation . The stars here are the Killer whales and dolphins. 
Tree top adventure spoils the guests the beauty of unspoiled forests and a great for family outings and reunions. Discover the breath taking view of nature. And try to learn the jungle survival courtesy of our Aeta brothers and sisters. 
And I know there’s a lot more…
I have said this many times . That, We all have our own desires and temptations. I challenge you to figure out yours. And again allow yourself to get lost in those great moments ! 
Amusement or theme parks , thank you for making me feel like a child again. 
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