It was a day full of fun, surprises and giveaways at the Nuffamily DAy . Chinchanlakwatsero was one of the 50 bloggers who joined the recent Nuffamily day at the Crosswinds, Tagaytay (June 4, 2011). It was a great experience to be part of the amazing event together with set of friends. I met a couple of bloggers and their family . It was an afternoon of great prizes , full of excitement and fun. And also lots  of lanterns in the air… 


The family gathering started with an introduction, numerous games for kids and kids at heart ( pretending to be kids) . I invited 4 of my friends, xerod, if you cant remember he was the guy who participated at the sing this song game. He sung the song of  britney spears single  ♫ My loneliness is killing me and I, I must confess I still believe, still believe! (hit me baby, one more time) Julz on the other hand was named the pantene queen for guessing the song of Salbakuta’s hit stupid love!!! Both Julz and Xerod won the hotel accomodation for two at the Crosswinds Tagaytay for sharing their talents and skills to make the crowd laugh.. A great friend Angel who won 711 gc’s was also there with Louie… We also had the chance to meet the people behind the Nuffamily day . 

The great and anticipated part of the event was the lanterns on the air. Lifting lanterns made me realize how special I am in the community. I guess for everyone , we have different interpretation as to why we lit those lanterns.When you light the candle , the air heats up and the lantern rises into the air.   For most of us , we represented as lanterns, in order for us to grow , we need to step up . we need to leave our comfort zones behind and face all of our challenges and dreams. I hope I am making sense to you. =) 

Sky lantern is an old age tradition that started out in old Asia . They have been using it for years as a way to enhance luck and bringing good fortune into our lives. We use this to whisk our troubles away and into the air. The higher and farther your sky lantern flew away , the more your troubles  it would take with it, and longer it stayed in the air before finally fluttering to the ground.  

Julz at the Crosswinds

participants with their mats

mats everywhere

Nuffamily grounds

view of Taal lake

Boys and Girls behind Nuffamily day

julz, chinchan, louie and angel

sunset at the Crosswinds

Friends I brought at the event ; Angel, Julz, Louie and Xerod

lighting the lantern 

Goodbye !!!

welcome to Christmas Village

Santa’s house for kids at heart too =)

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It was genuinely a day of breath taking views of Tagaytay’s Pine trees, hills, landscapes, rest houses, resorts and their own Christmas Village. Numerous fun activities ( lifting and lighting of lanterns) games such as hephep hooray! paperdance which we are bitter about losing hihi and the boat is sinking ( I was the first who got eliminated),  Lots of food and freebies  which is really   Up for grabs, sponsors  who made this event possible , pizza hut, The picasso, bisolvon, hapee, neo , jollibee, delmonte,  mister donut, skechers, mentos, pantene , goldilocks, jack n jill and crosswind . Thanks to crosswind for an overnight stay for two which were awarded to my friends Julz and Xerod.

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