LOOK: Great Additions To Your Holiday Home

When you are lucky enough to have a holiday home, you need to treat it with as much care and attention as your real home. To make your vacation spot as comfortable as possible, decorate it with a few extras to make it your true home away from home.

The living room

It is a good idea to start with the living room, as this is where you will probably spend most of your time. Ensure that you have supremely comfortable seating that is roomy enough for the whole family to relax upon. Have the seating centered around a low coffee table so that you can keep the television turned off and play board and card games together instead. Install modern floor lamps around the seating to provide nighttime illumination for long, lazy evenings on the sofas and keep decoration simple with wall hangings and ornaments that complement the color scheme. Keep a throw over the back of one of the sofas to provide comfort for those occasional chilly evenings.

The bathroom

Few things are more off-putting than a tatty bathroom, so ensure that your holiday home’s bathroom meets your expectations and reflects your summer mood. Keep the colors light and fresh in your bathroom, not only to give it a summery feel, but also to show that it is hygienic and clean. Do not forget that a bathroom needs a little decoration too, so display a small bouquet of flowers in a pretty vase on an available ledge or windowsill, or if your holiday home is near the sea, why not a bring a bit of the sea into your bathroom? You could use a piece of driftwood or shells as decoration.

The bedroomGreat additions to your holiday home

If there is one area in your holiday home that you want to experience luxury, it is the bedroom. Your holiday home bedroom gives you a little more scope than your normal room, as it does not need all the little extras, such as the television, to keep you entertained. You should be doing plenty of that already on your vacation. Instead, you can create a sanctuary, decking your bedroom out with luxury bed linen such as Egyptian cotton and silks, or creating a spectacular headboard that also acts as a feature and focus for the room. You should also make the most of all that wonderful summer weather and sunshine, so do not block out the sunlight with heavy, dusty curtains. Instead, install solid wooden shutters at your windows to help give that holiday home feel, reminiscent of Italian villas, but also with a strikingly modern look, streamlining the exterior and interior and giving you greater control over light and ventilation.

Part of the appeal of a holiday home is the opportunity to decorate it in a way dissimilar to your permanent home so that you have all the comforts of home while having a different living experience. Decorate your holiday home in such a way that it has a high-end appeal, not only for you, but for those whom you may rent it out to as well.