LOOK: Great Entertainment For Long Journeys

Great entertainment for long journeys

Whilst we can all enjoy a previously unimaginable array of distant and exotic travel destinations, the main issue that faces us on long journeys remains the same; how to occupy our time.

But thanks to the digital revolution, we can now enjoy a great range of entertainment options no matter where in the world we are.

Mobile gaming

Mobile gaming

The way in which we can enjoy playing games has been completely overhauled thanks to the mobile revolution. Some mobile games such as the highly-addictive 2048 puzzle game can be downloaded so that you can game-on-the-go without an internet connection.

Whereas those seeking to enjoy the online casino boom can play a variety of games including blackjack, slots and even video poker at the Lucky Nugget Casino site that allows users to play these games on their mobile devices at their own convenience.

Digital media

mobile gaming

There has also been a massive growth in the range of digital media such as films, television shows and music that can now be enjoyed on the move. Music streaming sites such as Spotify even allow premium users the chance to listen to streamed content without requiring an internet connection.

Whereas film fans can enjoy Crackle’s impressive range of constantly-updated content that can also be conveniently queued for the user’s enjoyment when in the midst of a long-distance journey.

The pleasures of reading


Even the simple pastime of reading a book has been revolutionised by the new digital technologies. There’s a great selection of eBook readers on the market such as the Barnes and Noble Nook Glowlight that features a no-glare screen, an extended battery life lasting up to eight weeks, and the impressive ability to hold up to 2,000 books.

Relaxing and unwinding

Relaxing and unwinding

But for many of us, the prospects of a long-distance journey will merely provide the perfect opportunity to try and get some rest by sleeping through the often stressful travel experience.

Thankfully there are some great apps that can assist you in unwinding en route to your destination. The aptly-named Relax app provides a range of features to help you unwind and get some sleep. With an array of soothing music as well as a fun ‘star-flow’ feature that lets you casually swipe across some hypnotising graphics, it may not be the world’s most visceral app, but it’ll definitely help the journey seem a little more tranquil.

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