LOOK: Tips For Online Property Marketing

Nowadays, every trade in the world has its marketing campaign firmly rooted online, and property is no exception. There are many different tools and outlets you can use to promote your property, which now includes social media, as well as established property marketplaces. Doing this job rather than going through an estate agent can save you a huge amount of money, and give you more control and independence when it comes to selling or renting out a property. Whatever online platform you use to market your property, you will be up against established estate agents that operate like competitive entrepreneurs. If you are serious about selling independently, you must also adopt some of these conventions in order to get a fast and profitable sale you want.

If you are actively involved in social media, contests, video challenges, promotional offers and other strategies can have a massive positive impact on the way your property is represented. Gaining followers or shares on Twitter is one of the most highly recommended ways to gain exposure for your property. Of course, with all the competitions you set, you have to be in a position to offer something worthwhile as a reward. The bigger the incentive, the more exposure you will gain for your property. Video and photo competitions are another popular way to market your property. Categories like “best garden” or “best extension” can create a great buzz amongst real estate enthusiasts, and these people are likely to be interested in your property. Sweepstakes can be especially useful for monitoring your followers’ interest in your advertised property, through applications like Wishpond.

Just like any other modern business venture, the sale of your Philippines real estate properties can hinge on good SEO and lead generation. Companies like Quicksilver and Marketleader, as well as countless independent SEO specialists, can be a huge help in getting as many people as possible to come across your property, rapidly pushing the rankings higher in various property search engines, like Google, Bing and specialized real estate search engines. There are also many companies out there that can set you up with specially- designed real estate analysis software, making the most of your SEO tracking efforts.

While mainstream property marketplaces are dominated by established realtors, other venues can be very useful in marketing your property. Yahoo Real Estate, Zillow, Trulia and Craigslist are probably the best sites you can use for private property sales. In the Philippines, you have such big players as Zipmatch, Lamudi and Property24 to cater local listings from all over the country. All of these platforms draw millions of visitors a day, and are great sites to list and cross- list your property on. Although the interfaces on these sites may seem simple, it is important to fully understand the tools they offer. Implement them well to optimize the exposure your property will gain. Linking between these postings, your social media presence, and any other property marketplaces are also important to remember.

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