LOOK: Tokyo Bubble Tea Celebrates Sakura Season

Nursing the idea of going to Japan for the Sakura season? Let’s head on to Tokyo Bubble Tea and experience Sakura season and cherry blossoms the Tokyo Bubble Tea way.

Let’s admit it, one of the most beautiful sights in the world is the blooming of cherry blossom trees in Japan when spring comes. For hundreds of years, they Japanese have been celebrating Hanami which is when they have picnics under the cherry blossom trees to look at the flowers.

So in the Philippines, Tokyo Bubbletea will let you feel the spring vibe when you take a sip of their new SAKURA JCC MILK TEAS. Flavors you can choose from are Sakura Royal Milk Tea, Sakura Strawberry Milk Tea and Sakura Taro Milk Tea. These bubble drinks will absolutely quench your thirst as they boast a different kind of spin on the typical Tokyo Bubble Tea JCC!

My first dining visit to this small but inviting dining destination near the ground floor of SM food court. I grabbed the opportunity to try their tasty milk tea, which I find it very unique. The physical store is just small, the real dining area is like al fresco style though you are inside a mall.

To say everyone was excited was an understatement. The Tokyo Bubbletea experience was just amazing!


For all the big appetites, get ready for the Sakura Bento Trays; Sakura Ginger Fish, Sakura Chicken Katsu and Sakura Ebi Furai with Hamburg. Each Bento trays come with a main course, miso soup, fried rice, Sakura salad and Sakura maki which is specially made for the season.

Sakura menu will be available for a limited time starting April 15, 2015.

Tokyo Bubble Tea is a homegrown idea conceptualized by Mr. Reagan Tan’s discovery of bubble beverages in Canada. He planned and took this idea and made it even better by turning it into a restaurant offering a wide selection of tasty drinks and flavorful Japanese fusion. Tokyo Bubble tea has grown to eleven locations.

Tokyo Bubble Tea SM Megamall

LG/F SM Megamall, Bldg A, Doña Julia Vargas AveWack Wack, Mandaluyong(02) 638-7479

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