At first, I did not know that there is such a place called louisiana in the Philippines.For all I know Louisiana is a state that can only be found in the United States. Not until I have seen  the signboard of a passenger jeepney  in the province of Laguna.

Luisiana is a 4th class municipality in the province of Laguna, Philippines. Many people called the town as a little Baguio of Laguna because of a cold climate.

The town of Luisiana is bounded on the north by Pagsanjan and Cavinti, on the west (Magdalena) and on the south is Majayjay and on the east is Lucban . Sometimes it feels good being lost . You keep on asking directions to locals .( walang kapagurang kakatanong)…

There are few commercial establishments in the area . This town is basically an agricultural town mainly because they focused on agriculture and poultry farming .

One of the interesting sites there are the roman catholic church, the monument of Don luis Bernardo (founder of the town) and a monument of Dr jose Rizal.

There are manmade attractions there too. Luisiana is blessed with natural attractions like falls and caves. I will definitely go back to explore its falls and caves.I love the water so I will certainly go back here and experience some of the falls in their town. Local said if youre adventurous you might want to check out the caves of Simbang Bato and Butas Kabag.These are open to the public so you better check it out.

Pandan Festival is celebrated during the first week of april and also the annual Miss luisiana beauty pageant to choose a representative for Miss Laguna beauty pageant.. Thats all for now.  check out Town of luisiana.gov.ph for more information

From Manila via Calamba, hop on a bus to Santa Crúz, Laguna. In Santa Crúz, jeepneys going to Luisiana can be found at the jeepney terminal. Just ask a tricycle driver to take you to the terminal of jeepneys going to Luisiana. The town can be identified when you reached a zigzag roads  with lots of sharp twists and turns. This is one of the reasons why Luisiana is called the ‘little Baguio of Laguna.’

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