MEMORABLE JOURNEY|The past and the present

“Never underestimate the power of an experience to shape your life and influence the world!
First of all allow me to say thank you very much for reading juanderfulpinoy. Welcome to my blog. This blog started back in 2009 as a collection of random thoughts . Then I started writing things I have seen  and experienced . That is true, I always try to discover and learn some new things that truly interest me And i really bet , our small world really interests me. And i think we can only do it one at a time. I am not rich but I have so many friends. I do not own a beach resorts , but I have written some of the best places I have come across with.

Most of the time, I pay for my travel expenses  just to see the places I want to discover but I still accept sponsorships if you want . Should you wish to invite me somewhere  or fly me somewhere , you can always get in touch with me . I am always ready.

This month , I looked at those things and memories that were to be the most unforgettable journey of my life.

This year, I met a couple of people I want to share my travel experiences with .I also came across with people down the road.I met business travelers and other travel bloggers. I Discovered romantic places , explored some provinces , tried and tasted some of the best foods in the country.It was this year when I started to appreciate little things in life. And I know , there are so many things I should be thankful for.

And just recently I was able to somehow  conquer my fear of the ocean. I know that this fear might not disappear completely, but the great news is I learn how to manage that fear. I remember my very first scary boat ride in Zambales , I really could not imagine that we found ourselves stuck in the middle of the sea in a small fishing boat in a vast dark sea for almost an hour. I faced that fear in the middle of the sea.  Believe it or not I really cried out loud . I was really afraid at that time but I thought it was really an  experience worth remembering.

The natural beauty of the province was incredible. I knew its going to be a long and bumpy boat ride. I was nervous about it too. I felt sick in so many ways .  I felt like i was riding on a roller coaster which is I did not appreciate. No matter how positive I was , My brain tortured me. I felt like I was an idiot struggling to find all my senses. I was really uncomfortable.  But I am really glad , i was able to conquer that fear kahit papaano. 



memorable trip in Mindoro

In the last couple of months , I started running. I am also a runner just so you know. I am not fast, that is for sure. And I  do not run super far, but I am always working on a goal. For a while , I was hitting them , by adding kilometers, lowering time but lately it has been going too well . And for the past 12 months i think or probably more , my heart has ached a little after each run. Then it started  to ache a little  even I was not running. Finally that ache turned in to pain and it hurt all the time. But I kept thinking it would surely go away. I tried to run less. I rarely travel  because I get so tired so easily and I ignored it still. Most of the time I feel the difficulty in breathing . So I went to the doctor . I found out that my heart has been slightly broken. Most probably broken all along. The great news is they can still fix my heart and hopefully I will be able to run again. Run farther maybe and travel from different places even I get so tired  easily. And go on with life. Live a healthy lifestyle.

But I have been thinking about everything I have done in the past year with a broken heart. I am wondering how much more I could have done  and how much better I could have  done if I have addressed  the situation early on. How far would I be running now I had not been working around this pain.

I just want to express what I have in mind. And I really feel so good about it. I am always reminded of all the pain and learn from anyone in my blogging world about the importance  of life and my significance to this community.

Pain really wont go away on their own.

I have learned the hard way that unless you confront them head on, and sometimes even ask for help some things wont just fix themselves.

There are so many places I still intend to visit. And I am doing it one at a time. I absolutely love being on the road. I will see you guys on the road.

*This is Juanderfulpinoy’s entry to the 14th edition of Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival themed “The Journey”.

This time , news writer and photographer Kara Santos of is the host.

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