If you visit the park,  there are couple of horses that you could sit on while having pictures taken with an additional fee. There are instances when you forget the Mines view because of these horses. There are also small chains of souvenir shops and other bargain stalls around the area. There are several things to choose from . Ofcourse , i should not miss taking photographs. Buying souvenirs ( i love the walis tambo) aminin… Im sure you bought one too. =)
Main tourist attraction in Baguio City is the Mines view Park. It ‘s where gold, silver  were once quarried. This is the most famous and most visited park in the city. You will witness the fantastic panoramic view of Benguet and other sorrounding mountains here.

There are some photographers there just incase you want to have your picture taken .Although we got there at 12:00 noon . We’re caught by the sun’s heat but since there are numerous plants and trees all over the place we can sit under the trees and that makes the temperature cooler.. Just a headsup , the gazebo is a little run down but still in good shape.

And who would forget the charming saint Bernard , named Doglas . And for only P20.00 youll be able to take pictures with this cute dog.

I really love the air, the temperature. Aside from souvenir shops around the place, selling shirts, native wallets , brooms, beads, bonnets, dining sets, hats strawberry products and what have you, hotdogs on sticks, corn chips and sodas are everywhere (food trip) .

Just a walking distance please visit the Good Shepherd Seminary , where nuns bake a tasty homemade jam. The pies they bake are superb . try it too… do not leave Baguio without the home made ube jam … Take my word for it =) They also have a great view of cordillera mountains as a backdrop for your photos..

How to get there.

If you dont have a car jeepneys are available using the plaza mines view route. You can also hire a cab to take you there. Contract the driver. If you are a large group, I strongly suggest you hire a jeepney instead…

Now if you have a car, from Session Road , climb up to Leonard wood road, past Teachers Camp and the Botanical Garden , past the Pacdal Rotunda, go straight up to C.P. Romulo Drive past Wright park riding Circle and the Mansion. When you’re climbing up curves left you will be on outlook Drive,( you will see down town houses to the right and do not take the road going straight down to Itogon, Benguet) and Mines View Park will be at the top…

Happy travels….

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