Do you have plans of going out of town trips or out of the country but not so sure where to find cheap flights? Most of the large websites will promise to offer you a perfect holiday deals with a very low cost flights but in some cases it doesn’t always turn out the way after you have added those miscellaneous fees like tax, check-in baggage expenses and web admin fees. It also does not include the time wasted that goes into searching for discounted flights.

I must admit that I am so obsessed when it comes to searching for cheap flights and deals online. There are hundreds or even thousands of online travel agencies that promise to give a real solution in finding the best deals when it comes to your specific travel needs. The real question is which flight booking site offers the cheapest airfare?

momondo flight search

I played around with several websites to see if they can beat and pull up cheaper flight deals and I found out that Momondo gets the cheapest deals online.

momondo flight search

There are hundreds of online comparative website searching for cheap airfares, but Momondo is certainly more than that. Aside from the standard filtering system other websites use, Momondo displays an appealing flight options in a matter of minutes. This saves you the hassle of finding individual one way or roundtrip tickets from various airline websites. Momondo can be accessed in three simple steps. Simply key in your flight preferences and Momondo will search for the flights for you. Choose your preferred flights and key in the passengers’ personal details. You can get an instant confirmation after the payment. Simple and easy isn’t it?

momondo flight search

Momondo has a creative rating system which determines the “happiness rating” of the customer. It also displays  a smiley face and a score between 0 (bad) and 10 (excellent) to help you get the perfect deals on flight. It has the most appealing flight options in a matter of minutes, including length of layover time. in collaboration with, one of the leading hotel comparison sites, will bring you unlimited hotel choices at the click of a button. All these choices on one website where you can search and compare all types of travel deals & services. is not just a travel site searching for flights, hotels and car hire but has an amazing travel guides written by the users which are organized according to places and the filter allows users to pick hotels, places to see, what to eat and things they intend to do according to what they feel. Their travel guides are helpful and interactive that’s why Momondo recommends everyone to sign up and get connected with different people and places.

If you know of a really great site that’s similar to Momondo (tell us why), feel free to let us know about it!

Regardless of which site you use, make sure you check out Momondo.

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