Mt. Pulag Fun Climb| Dec 16-18 2011

A 3day/2night fun climb for beginners and veterans who want to de-stress from the city life.

Mt. Pulag is the highest peak of Luzon and noted as the third highest peak in the P.I., at +2922 MASL, you’ll surely enjoy the sea of clouds with this adventure.

Registration Fee : ₱3,250.00/Person

Minimum participants : 15

Inclusions are the following:

▪ Roundtrip Bus Fares: Manila-Baguio and vice versa

▪ Roundtrip Charter Jeep Transfers: Baguio-DENR-Ranger Station and vice versa

▪ Park Fees

▪ Guide Fees

▪ Souvenir ID

▪ Souvenir Tshirt

▪ 1 meal (Pinikpikang Manok – Eat all you can!! Benguet style)

Special concerns:

▪ Anyone and everyone is invited to join this event.

▪ Slots for this fun climb is on a first-come-first-served basis.

▪ Down payment of half the cost is to be collected to ensure slots. (12.02.11)

▪ Pre-climb meeting 12.10.11, place: TBA


(Day 0) December 15, 2011 Thursday

2300H : ETD from Manila (via Victory Liner)

(Day 1) December 16, 2011 Friday

0530H : ETA Baguio : Breakfast | Free Time

0600H : ETD from Baguio (via Charter Jeep)

0900H : ETA Daklan, Bokod, Benguet (DENR Ambangeg) : Orientation video

1030H : ETD from DENR (via Charter Jeep)

1200H : ETA Mt. Pulag Ranger Station : 1 hour Lunch

1300H : Start Trek for Camp 2

1600H : ETA Mt. Pulag Camp 2 : Set Camp | Dinner | Socials

(Day 2) December 17, 2011 Saturday – Optional Sunrise/Sunset climb

0400H : Wake-up call : Breakfast | Free Time

0430H : Summit Assault

0630H : ETA Mt. Pulag summit : Photo shoot 🙂

0700H : Descend to camp 2

0900H : ETA Camp 2

1200H : Lunch

1400H : Summit Assault

1600H : ETA Mt. Pulag summit : Photo shoot 🙂

1630H : Descend to camp 2

1900H : ETA Camp 2 : Dinner | Socials

(Day 3) December 18, 2011 Sunday

0500H : Wake-up call : Breakfast | Break camp

0700H : Descend to Ranger Station

1000H : ETA Mt. Pulag Ranger Station : 30 minute rest then descend to DENR

1030H : ETD from Ranger Station (via Charter Jeep)

1200H : ETA Daklan, Bokod, Benguet (DENR Ambangeg) : Lunch

1300H : ETD from DENR (via Charter Jeep)

1600H : ETA Baguio : Side trip (ENJOY!!!)

1800H : ETD from Baguio (via Victory Liner)

2300H : ETA Manila


Group Equipment:

▪ Tent

▪ Camping Stove

▪ Butane

▪ Cookset and utensils

Personal Stuff:

▪ First Aid Kit | Personal Medication

▪ Warmers | Fleece Jacket | Scarf | Bonnet | Gloves

▪ Extra Socks | Pants | Shirt

▪ Sleeping Bag/Pad

▪ Flash Light | Extra Batteries

▪ Poncho/Raincoat

▪ Camera

▪ Trail Food (Chocolates, Nuts etc..)

▪ Food good for 3 days

▪ Full Name

▪ Nickname

▪ Birthdate

▪ Cellphone number

▪ Contact details in case of emergency

▪ Medical concerns, if any.

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