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MUST SEE PLACES: Best Places to Visit in Southeast Asia

Looking for a place to travel with a tight budget? Then, find the cheap stuff you might need, pack your stuff and get ready for an awesome adventure!

Ahhh, Southeast Asia…the land of wonders and dubbed as the jewel of Asia. This region is filled with a huge array of popular tourist destinations in countries like Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia. The best thing about visiting Southeast Asia is you get the chance to discover an indigenous mix of cultures influenced by Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western.

This diverse region is a home of the most popular Muslim country, prominent Buddhist countries and also has a significant number of Christian and Hindu community. So you would expect a mixture of culture and tradition that is far from boring. Travelling to Southeast Asia is also relatively cheap and it makes everything easier. You can take UBER almost everywhere and even you can find some deals here, to make all adventure cheaper!

Are you ready to find out tourist secrets things to do in Asia where you can find tasty local cuisine, perfect crystal-clear beaches or the best place to go backpacking? Keep on scrolling travel junkies!

Phuket, Thailand

On The Road: Amazing Phuket Holiday Experience

One of the best places to visit in Thailand, Phuket offers you with gorgeous beaches. If you are looking to go back home with a great diving experience attached in your memory then this is the right place for you. Apart from Bangkok, it is safe to say that Phuket is the most popular destination among tourists.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


This bustling city serves the country as the capital of Malaysia. Expect to find a landscape with a mix of innovative and modern design skyscrapers like the iconic Petronas Twin Towers which is the world’s tallest twin towers or also known as KLCC.

The city of Kuala Lumpur also boasts an interesting mix of Islamic architectural and heritage sites around the most populous city. KL is also a shopping heaven for fashionistas and has been the top choice among international shopaholics for a few years in a row beating other fashion districts such as Singapore and Jakarta, Indonesia. Not to forget that it has a bird park which is the world’s biggest walk-in aviary.

Palawan, Philippines

Marina de Bay Resort & Spa Puerto Princesa: Enjoy Your Family Holidays & Summer Break In Palawan

Stretches from Mindoro all the way to Borneo, Palawan is an island province that is very popular among travellers. It promises one of the best diving spots which you can find at Coron Reefs, Busuanga Island. Why do we say it is one of the best? Because this place draws divers around the world to experience marine life and explore epic Japanese shipwrecks from the World War II.

There is also a town named El Nido, sandwiched between towering high limestone karst cliffs and the ever-beautiful Bacuit Bay. Go take a stroll along the beaches in your best swimming outfit and take some snaps to put on Instagram.

Boracay, Philippines

boracay travel guide

A definite rival of Palawan, Boracay is one of the top contenders that you can never ignore in this list. A must-visit destination, this small island is located around 200 miles south of Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. Boracay is in everyone’s top place to visit list as it provides tourists with sandy-white beautiful beaches – Talk about a panoramic view that is Instagram-worthy!

Boracay is very affordable to travel to and it also offers you a great selection of seafood because when you are there all you can see-is-food. Find anything you want to know about Boracay at Lonely Planet.

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Bali, Indonesia

Well, Julia Roberts didn’t come here in Eat, Pray, Love for nothing. Bali has always been the most favourite tourist destination in this region and no one can ever argue with that fact. Bali is like a tropical paradise where the waters are high with marine diversity and colourful coral reefs.

One of the sights that you do not want to miss is the lush green rice terraces with a picturesque backdrop, the very same spot where Tyra Banks and the America’s Next Top Model team shot. Immerse yourself with artistic arts and cultural performances in Ubud if you are into it. Bali is still cheap to travel to and you should visit it at least once.

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