Anawangin is  prominent cove with white sand beach in Zambales. One thing you will notice when you get there is that pine trees are all over the place unlike some of the beaches in the Philippines are coconut trees which is very unique. I find it so hard to believe the sand in Anawangin in mainly  Mount Pinatubo lahars. We also learned from our guide that Pine trees did not ever exist before not until the Mount Pinatubo erupted a few years ago.
Going to the beach is really fun. I have not explored any beaches from northern region except for the one  in Ilocos Norte (Pagudpud) . Our beach trip was worth it.  Anawangin can only be accessed by a 30 minute small fishing boat ride which is to me is kinda scary. Imagine yourself going there in a small boat . The water is so blue I could imagine how deep it is although I felt so secure wearing life jacket . But anyway , I could say the cove landscape is  fantastic . Like I mentioned from my previous post , pine trees are scattered all over the place.  When you get there. Campers are in the area. It’s like a tent parade . Seeing these colorful tents will make you think you are in a fantasy island . =) Just a tip, make sure that the boat you get provides life vests.
Despite having so many people there, the whole cove is enough for us to accommodate travelers and explorers like us. First timers? You guys know the feeling I am sure about that. Now we met Aling Lydia if I am not mistaken . According to our guide , She’s the store owner there selling different stuff , from food, drinks or just about anything that you could buy in an island and the owner of the island . Yes, we have been told that she owns the Anawangin Cove , they made me reason to believe that she is rich. Do you think that’s true? Just let me know if that’s true or made up ok ..
ready for breakfast


artem! stop hiding!! we can see you from here


immortal moments at Anawangin cove with convergys friends
Anawangin has a very fine sands which i can compare to the one in Boracay although it’s not as white. The sand texture is so good . You really can enjoy the changing colors of clouds from the sky and the lights coming from the sun.
We wanted to go to the Capones Island and get a view of the famous Capones light house but we’re running out of time and decided in the future I will meet you back… Thanks for reading 

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