chinchan’s imm0rtal experience =)

After a long ride to Lucena, chinchan and  the rest of Tropang Quezon friends went to Atimonan Quezon. It  was just a plain roadtrip  when we made a decision to witness the Pahiyas festival. I was really curious at that time what bitukang manok is, what it looks like (chicken intestine). Many people said  Its one of the fascinating  and a must visit destination in the province of quezon. Out of curiousity i wanted to know how zigzag it is.  I was told its a dangerous road too specially rainy season (glad it it was summer when we visited the place …I really have no idea until I finally got there =) ..The feeling? Its breathtaking!  I felt like I was  one of the Gods at that time =)when you look at the vast land  of unlimited green living things from the top of the mountain .. It feels like heaven hihihi …so cool =)

Hihihi . It is called  Quezon National Park, there are couple of parks nearby but we were in a rush  for the Pahiyas festival so I grabbed my digital camera , waited for the perfect time to take wonderful photos.. Its indeed looked like bitukang manok… I was expecting for a little more views but i didnt realize it was just a short zigzag road …At any rate , I am gonna wrap it up , I am kinda sleepy and its bed time … the road is beautiful, you will appreciate if you are on top, see for yourself =) I tried to pull over to get the best shot possible, but i was afraid we’ll cause traffic.Masunurin ako sa batas trapiko hihihihi…

 When you get there I hope you will get the perfect shot of bituka-ness road hihihi

Just so you know

The Quezon National Forest Park is a national park in The Philippines. It is situated between the towns of Pagbilao, Padre Burgos and Atimonan, in the province of Quezon. The park covers the western end of the isthmus of Luzon.
Hundreds of flora and fauna species have been discovered here. This was where the Filipinos declared revolution against the Japanese on World War II, on Mount Mirador, village of Pinagbanderahan

Post about my Pahiyas festival experience soon . I hope you enjoyed my photos =)


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