I always look at things in a big picture. I try to visualize possibilities for personal growth. But most of the time , I gently stop and look back . I realized, there are so many things I have to be thankful for . My year started with new and incredible experiences . And I embrace the kind of stuff that life is giving me. So I also dare you to do something different for a change to route your life in a new and positive direction.

I recently signed up for Zalora just a couple of days ago to find the best and convenient way to save money. Guess what , by signing up I got Php250 voucher which I can use for future online purchases. Cool isn’t it? I am not a huge fan of shopping online but I guess that is the most convenient and cost-efficient if it’s done correctly. I know that every single centavo counts nowadays. No need to worry about your money on parking fees and gas. You can shop 24/7. You can shop at home and most of all You don’t have to fall in line or deal with a cranky people .
Just like an actual store, Zalora runs special deals , sales and discounts. Go to their website and look for the special markdowns which are shown on their home page. Generally, if you shop online as compared to the actual store or even if you pay for an additional shipping and handling charges , you will still save money .

In the next few weeks , I am about to embark on a great adventure which could take months on a road. I was really glad when I found out a contest about My Zalora Wishlist. This is probably a good time to create my Zalora Wish List. And at this time I should get a fairly good idea what to buy in the future.

I had several choices at first but I carefully considered what I really need the most for my upcoming trip.


This is going to be the most important decisions I will ever make . What type of backpack I should buy ? Our world depends on our backpack whenever we travel. Inside our backpack holds our greatest possessions like gadgets, personal kits and other valuable things. As much as possible we pick the right backpack . I measure the comfort level  of a backpack as I travel from different places. If it gets to heavy to carry, I can convert it into a stroller.

Europak Frazer DC Cyber wheeled backpack

 Europak Frazer DC Cyber wheeled backpack

Believe me , I extremely love outdoors , beach and watersports so I prefer a board shorts that are essentially comfortable , lightweight and quick drying shorts.

Stoked Inc OG More Stoked Inc | More Swimwear

Stoked Inc OG More Stoked Inc | More Swimwear

I certainly love adventuring around, swimming , trekking. So I pick the rugged and stylish one . Basic functionality of stopwatch , alarm clock and water-resistant . I like the classic look which is perfect for any occasions. The Timex expedition wont be out-of-place whether you are on a safari vacation or even a party at night.

TIMEX Expedition

TIMEX Expedition

I am always out for an adventure. Aside from a simple hairband , One can use it as a scarf or a dust mask and a lot more. With its functionality I must say, headgear  is on my list too.

Buff Mapka Grey

Buff Mapka Grey

Yes I intend to get a hiking shoes and more stuff about protecting my happy feet. There is really one thing I can’t leave for my next trip without and that is the travel shoes. When I travel , I want to walk a good deal more than the usual. I knew I wanted Merrell WaterPro Ottawa . I want to experience it for myself .



I know there are a lot more on this list . How about you? What’s on your list? I will definitely shop at Zalora since it will make my life so much easier.  So go right ahead and signup. It’s very easy . Just log on to . On the upper right hand corner of the Home Page  click on Account then select New Customer. Type in your account information and hit on Submit . Don’t forget to get a free Php250 voucher after signing up for Zalora’s newsletter.


It’s not yet Christmas but I have created my own Wishlist.  But needless to say, the best gift are the ones you can’t pack . These are the things you can carry for the rest of your life and enrich you as a human being.  Travel tales and memories, fantastic experiences which you can share to anybody. These are priceless.