Our Puerto Galera adventure will not be complete without exploring the small town. Aside from the beaches , Mindoro has a lot to offer . So the group decided to take a glimpse of what locals believe to be the hidden treasure of Mindoro. The Tamaraw Falls.

From Puerto Galera you can rent a jeepney . You can ask among locals where you could find cheapest possible rates to take you to the falls. If you are in a large group, its much better so you guys could shell out just a small amount of money to get there .   I strongly suggest to be-friend  the locals so you’ll be able to get the most reasonable jeepney rental rates . 

Jeepneys and passenger trikes are all over the place.They take the road regularly so you will surely get to Tamaraw Falls. Its actually about 15 kilometers from Puerto Galera , there’s no traffic here so approximately you will get there between an hour and a half to two hours. and you would have to be blind to miss it as the Tamaraw Falls Puerto Galera is literally a couple of meters off the road.

Locals believe that its named Tamaraw falls because there are several Tamaraws here before. And I was told that The Tamaraw (Bubalus mindorensis) or Mindoro Dwarf Buffalo can only be found here in Mindoro.

And because of human habitation, hunting and logging . These Tamaraws are now endangered. 

But anyhow, back to the falls, there are series of  small waterfalls dropping into the cool water of the pool underneath the Tamaraw falls. The water is relaxing and refreshing. There’s a picnic area and a large enhanced manmade rock pool for swimming. It was a long journey but definitely worth our time…There’s also a small amount of entrance fee which is P20.00 pesos.

So again by land, there are jeepneys that regularly drive thru  the Calapan to Puerto Galera route. However, the trip may be uncomfortable  as the jeepney may be jampacked even up to the roof.(that’s even more exciting to me)
Renting a van would be the most comfortable land transportation option. The cost for the rental ranges from PHP 2000 to PHP 2500 inclusive of the driver. But we got it for P1600.00 roundtrip. Let me know when you have plans to go there . I still have the contact number of Manong driver…


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