NCH MainTRAIN Webinar presents NCH solutions as refreshing and empowering partners for the brewing and beverage industry

— Showcases the latest solutions in biological wastewater treatment, water & energy savings, pasteurization, and lubrication

— Aims at a meaningful exchange of expertise in NCH technologies and case studies

SINGAPORE, July 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — NCH Asia Pacific announced today the return of its MainTRAIN webinar conference. Scheduled for July 13-16, 2021 and at 12PM (Singapore time) during 4 days, the webinar topics include the best practices for the brewery, wine, soft drink, juice, and beverage industry, showcasing the latest solutions in biological wastewater treatment, water & energy savings, pasteurization, and lubrication.

Focusing on key specialties such as Wastewater Treatment, Water Treatment, and Lubricants, the four-day exclusive seminars will be as follows:

The topic on Day 1 (July 13, Tue) shall be ‘Biological treatment for wastewater in Beverage industry.’ The webinar will present how NCH’s microbiological systems can be used to lower the production costs of beverage manufacturing in both large- and small-scale operations. Specifically, it will show through examples how the implementation of the NCH wastewater systems delivers a positive return while being socially responsible.

Day 2 (July 14, Wed) shall cover ‘360º Approach to Water and Energy Savings for Boiler and Cooling Systems.’ How to save up to 25-50% water and energy in boiler and cooling system by providing a complete water treatment program will be detailed.

Day 3 (July 15, Thu) shall be on ‘360º Approach to Preventing Common Problems in Pasteurizer Treatment Systems.’ New technologies and unique approaches will be presented in solving common issues in pasteurizer such as biofilm, microbiological growth, corrosion, and scaling.

The topic on Day 4 (July 16, Fri) shall focus on ‘NCH solutions that meet the vigorous needs of the brewery Industry.’ The lubricants to be presented in the webinar ensures smooth and effective production runs, thus providing longer operating hours and reduced maintenance intervals. This leads to reduced downtime of parts and ultimately to increased efficiency.

With its team leaders as technical speakers for the webinar, NCH Asia Pacific is committed to making a meaningful exchange of expertise in NCH product and service technologies for the industry.

Registration is available now with plans to provide technical accreditation for attendance. Details can be found in or you can sign up for the webinar on

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