I have lived my whole life in Metro Manila so i wanted to travel to different places I haven’t been to.  With 7107 islands , I am so sure we have several destinations to choose from .

Vigan is famous for its spanish-style houses which built mostly by chinese traders . They are made of thick brick walls, tile roofs to survive earthquakes.  Thats where you can see hundreds of houses line side by side along  Calle Crisologo.  Can you imagine living back to the actual time when Spaniards colonized the Philippines centuries ago? 

Vigan is such a fascinating town, just a small town that you could tour in just a day. Its definitely worth the trip .A good time to visit Vigan is during the town fiesta. Celebrated for one whole week -concluding on January 25 to commemorate the conversion of the apostle, St. Paul. The fiesta is marked by street parades, beauty contest and variety shows on the town plaza.

To get to Vigan City from Manila, you can get a bus or take a plane to Laoag City and take a bus ride to Vigan. There are many places to stay. Many ancestral houses have been turned into quaint hotels and inns. There are also many bars and restaurants offering a variety of local and international dishes.

What i love about Vigan? perfectly designed carrozas (kalesa) that are lined up on the streets. Antiques, statues and several souvenir shops … 

hush= The name Vigan was derived from “Biga”, a giant taro plant that grows abundantly along the banks of the Mestizo River.