Only Love For An Unspoiled Paradise On Earth – Caramoan Islands

Caramoan Islands

Every place you travel to is going to have its unique features. However not every place can be described as being like heaven on earth. Caramoan Islands however can certainly be described as such. With several beaches to go to, Caramoan Islands will certainly appeal to those who love the sea, swimming, boating and other water sports. It may take a while to arrive to Caramoan Islands, but there is no denying that once you arrive you will forget all about the lengthy trip. Yes no need to hire car experts to get to this beautiful province.

Only Love For An Unspoiled Paradise On Earth - Caramoan Islands

As you take in the beauty of this place, you will surely feel that the trip was totally worth it. For those who are considering going to Caramoan Islands, it is important to point out that the travel by land will involve various uneven roads as well as highways, and it takes several hours to arrive. Suffice it to say that from the city of Naga, Camarines Sur, there were about 5hours of travel time to arrive. This can be reached by land, ideally using a high powered AUV or SUV, or by boat through the Sabang Port.

Only Love For An Unspoiled Paradise On Earth - Caramoan Islands

Once you arrive in Camaroan Islands you will surely be struck by the beauty of this place. To complement the natural beauty of these islands, you will be able to find several accommodations that are rural and comfortable. These are referred to as homestays. Many of these are within close proximity of the beaches, so that one can practically walk to the beach whenever one feels like it. This is certainly one of the best things about these kinds of accommodations.

Only Love For An Unspoiled Paradise On Earth - Caramoan Islands

Every beach has its unique features. For instance, the Matukad Beach has very soft, white, powdery sand that will have you want to walk barefoot all along it. There is a lagoon right on top of the rock formation too. This lagoon is worth checking out but you will need to climb up a wall, so it is a bit risky if you are not much of a climber.

Only Love For An Unspoiled Paradise On Earth - Caramoan Islands
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Then there is Lahus Beach. Lahus Island has two shorelines, and from one beach you can see the other one.

One of them is in the shape of a lagoon and there are live corals here, while the other one is quite linear in shape. The sand here is also white, but you will notice pulverized seashells too. Busdac Island is also worth going to. Apart from this there is Yupakit Beach where the sand is compacted, and the shoreline is wider and flatter, making it the ideal beach for campers. The sand here is also quite unique since it is not white, but mixed with grey too. These are on the east side of Camaroan.

Only Love For An Unspoiled Paradise On Earth - Caramoan Islands

Then there is the west side, where there are numerous beaches and islands to go to, including Caglayo, Lahoy, Bag-ing, Sabitang Laya, Baliti, Guinahoan, Liwan, and Manlawi, among others. The three islets of Bag-Ing, Sabitang Laya and Baliti, are worth visiting since there are shallow waters ideal for kids.

Only Love For An Unspoiled Paradise On Earth - Caramoan Islands
The Manlawi Floating Cottages are worth seeing too. This is a unique and very innovative idea where you will see small cottages on the water, thus their name of floating cottages. They are made from bamboo, and you can book one for a very affordable price so that you can enjoy a unique lunch or dinner literally surrounded by water.

The island of Guinahoan is worth visiting as well. You can go trekking here, and once you reach the top of the hill where there is a lighthouse you will surely be impressed by the breath-taking view you will be able to see. Far off you will see the Pacific Ocean, and there is a wide stretch of greenery all along.

Only Love For An Unspoiled Paradise On Earth - Caramoan Islands

If you love the sea and nature, Caramoan Islands are definitely a place you should visit. Besides there are several islands and beaches to enjoy and to book boat trips on, making it a perfect trip for sure. There are boats available all day long at every island, and you will surely enjoy the impressive views, the beautiful nature and the fresh air as you travel from one beach to another. You would need at least two days to be able to make the most out of the various islands and their beaches. And once you are done you will wish for more for sure as this is truly a blissful place.


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