Package holidays have changed dramatically since their inception all those decades ago. Today it’s still as convenient as ever, but it has never been so exciting to venture abroad as part of a package break. It’s all to do with the huge range of choice on offer, from the familiar to the exotic, complete with affordable prices to boot.

From Arona holidays in Tenerife to Benidorm breaks in Spain’s Costa Blanca, from Caribbean escapes to Aegean treasures in Greece; there’s a whole world of choice out there, and a package holiday can take you there.

So, what do you fancy? If Greece is on the agenda, you can take your pick from the mainland, with the ancient sights and contemporary sounds of Athens, or any of the smattering of islands found clustered in the surrounding seas. The likes of Corfu, Crete and Rhodes are some of the most popular spots and can pretty much appeal to any taste, from clubbers and sun-seekers to families looking for boredom-busting holidays.

Or how about Italy? This beautiful place is home to ancient architecture, sparkling lakes, soaring snow-capped peaks and some of the best designer shopping you will ever find. Then there’s the Algarve in Portugal which is all golden sands, foaming seas and dramatic rocky cliffs. Oh, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you choose to travel with a large-scale tour operator – such as Thomas Cook package holidays – or travel with a smaller travel agent, you can still expect return flights, accommodation and resort transfers. Plus you’ll usually get the services of a locally-based representative who is on hand to offer advice and guidance whenever you need it, such as how to book day trips and excursions, or where to find the best seafood restaurant.

There’s a lot to be said for package holidays, and the experiences – as well as the choice of destinations – are positively endless. What’s your package favourite?

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