The Valentine Month of February will start the grandest event in the City of Pines, the Panagbenga Festival.  The grand opening parade will happen on the first day of February which will start at the Panagbenga Park, down to the famous Session Road and at the Burnham Park.

Panagbenga Festival or known as Flower Festival is a month-long annual flower festival occurring in Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines. There will be a market encounter and landscaping contest at Burnham park and will continue until the 3rd of March.

Grand Street Dancing Parade is the highlight of the Festival. Participants dance and march to the different Cordilleran music, costume and tradition. The different categories in the competition are the high school, college and open-category.


DATE: Last Saturday of February

WHERE: Panagbenga Park, Session Road, Magsaysay Avenue, Harrison Road, Athletic Bowl


  1. Street Dancing Parade
  2. Drum and Lyre Presentations
  3. Field Demonstrations

The Panagbenga Festival is on it’s 18th year with the theme “A blooming Odyssey“. The event is expected to be joined by Baguio’s sister cities.

February 23,2013: Grand Street Dancing Parade – Panagbenga Park to Burnham Park (Starts at 8:00 AM)

February 24,2013: Grand Float Parade – Panagbenga Park to Burnham Park (Starts at 8:00 AM)
February 25,2013: Session Road in Bloom at Session Road
March 2,2013: Pony Boy’s Day at Session Road
March 3, 2013: Closing Ceremonies at Athletic Bowl

The “Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom” will be happening on February 10 at the Melvin Jones, Burnham Park; a double feature regatta, one at 10 in the morning and the other at 6 in the evening., shall also be presented at the Burnham Lake on the same day.

Session road in bloom opens on February 25 after the street dancing and float parade and the Pony Boys’ day shall be on March 2. Take advantage of a cheap travel to Baguio now by making your own itinerary. Need help with itinerary planning travel? Then go ahead search for useful itineraries and cheap deals online. If you are looking for an adventure travel vacation then I strongly suggest you visit the City of Pines up North.

Visit the official site of the Panagbenga Festival for the latest update about the event.

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