Paoay Church

Ilocos Norte is taking pride of St Augustine Church in Paoay. This is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are several Spanish colonial churches worth visiting in the area of Ilocos provinces. Paoay church which was originally constructed and built between 1699- 1704. The church showcases ingenuity and uniqueness by the use of corals , bricks and mortars.
Paoay Church is also called ” severe Earthquake Baroque .It is considerably unique in the Philippines . It was named Severe Earthquake baroque because its fortress like structure and its 24 massive buttresses is designed to hold the destructive and powerful forces of earthquake.
Mixture of bricks and coral stone were used for the walls. Imagine the large coral stones at the lower level while bricks at the upper level.This was specifically designed to stand against the wrath of natural calamities.

The facade of the church is really impressive. It is complemented with a bell tower situated at the right hand side. Bell towers normally used to communicate to the people of the town. The interior is still beautiful however some has lost its ornamentation


Paoay Church (also known as the St. Augustine Church in Paoay) is a historical church located in Paoay, Ilocos Norte. During the Philippine Revolution in 1898, its coral stone bell tower was used by the Katipuneros as an observation post. Paoay Church is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.