passing by Patapat bridge

Getting to , and around the northern region in the country is very tiring yet can all be a great adventure by any means. I have recently told you about my recent trip to Ilocos and my persistent  northern exposure.  

My trip to Ilocos was very well planned . But I still believe that there were so many destinations that we missed . For a short period of time , we managed to visit some of the best places in the region. 

Traveling is very tiring yet we had so much fun. Who would be tired when you get to see The Patapat Viaduct .It’s a 1.3km coastal bridge that connects the Maharlika Highway from Laoag , Ilocos Norte to the Cagayan Valley.

we did no waste our time taking photos . The may look endless sorrounded by a beautiful and relaxing view on the side. 

And like what I always say about traveling , your trip wont be complete without getting a great photo . I fell inlove with the unique bridge which happened to be the 4th longest bridge in the Philippine Islands. 

Getting around Patapat viaduct should always be part of your Ilocos Holiday Trip.

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