Philippine Airlines’ Bombardier Q400 NextGen is finally here!

Philippine Airlines Q400 1st commercial flight

Philippine Airlines is a company that has always strived to offer an exceptional service to its clients. The company firmly believes that comfort and excellence in a flight are an integral part of customer satisfaction, and over the years the company offered flights that managed to convey this level of service.

The 54 seater Fokker 50 was used for domestic operations between 1988 and 1999, and later in 2008 the company introduced flights on Bombardier Q400 and Q300. It was now time to go a step further. In fact this August, Philippine Airlines inaugurated the first commercial flight of a brand new Bombardier Q400, which is a next generation plane that will definitely exceed expectations.

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The first commercial flight on the Cebu-Caticlan-Clark route on 1st August, made the news as this addition is certainly a big step forward for the Philippine Airlines. The Q400 has a seating capacity of 86 passengers, of which 6 are Premium Economy seats.

This new Bombardier Q400 turboprop is not going to be the sole addition to the fleet though, as it forms part of 12 planes that Philippine Airlines is planning to acquire. Until December 2017 the company should have five Q400s, and the other seven should be received before the end of 2019. The company plans to utilize the Q400 and Q300 on various routes, including 7 out of Clark and another 12 out of Cebu.

bombardier philippines

The Bombardier Q400 will be ensuring an expansion in the Philippine Airlines’ domestic network and an exceptional service to passengers. The fleet will be flying to various locations, including Calbayog, Naga, Basco, Surigao, Caticlan, Iloilo and very soon, to Jolo and Zamboanga too.

bombardier philippines

Philippine Airlines is the very first airline company in the Philippines to be using a Q400, which is undeniably a next generation plane. With comfortable seating, large overhead bins and LED lighting, passengers are going to be guaranteed a great service for sure.

bombardier philippines

These enhanced features will offer passengers the possibility to enjoy a full service even if they are on a short flight. This is certainly a step in the right direction to further reassert Philippine Airlines’ domestic market share.