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My last weekend trip was entirely different from any other weekends. Together with other bird watchers, it was truly an incredible trip to remember at the 800 hectares of coconut plantation which is located about 10 kilometres south of San Pablo City in Laguna province. It was already lunch time when we arrived at the Villa Escudero. Our van was welcomed by a variety of unusual plants, shrubs and tall coconut trees. There’s a lot more to see inside the Villa. It’s really a breath of fresh air with a complete dose of relaxation. The participants were welcomed by the staff and later on transported to a carabao cart ride and took us to the resort area. Experience the best of Philippines history and culture offering a number of tours like village and museum tours, delicious food and a nice accommodation.

villa escudero

Conference center of Villa Escudero where trainings, workshops and seminars are held.

villa escudero

Their museum showcases the private collections of the prominent family in Quezon. The Escudero’s which passed on to the new generations of their family. It houses several replicas and items like furnitures, clothing , chinese porcelain, religious artifact and other relics from the second World War. The museum tour is a must to enjoy and celebrate Philippines culture and history.

villa escudero

I was feeling excited about the carabao  ride. It was fun which gives you an incredible touch of a real Filipino culture. We passed by in some interesting and prominent areas of the resort then we headed to the other area where everyone can watch the Philippine Experience Show. While I was watching the show, I thought that Filipinos are indeed talented. The cultural show was very far from being boring. Watching them dancing Pandango sa Ilaw , tinikling, sayaw sa bangko, tinikling and Maglalatik reminded me of the old tradition and colonial times which I only learned from history books.

villa escudero

Carabao has always been the best friend of farmers and it symbolizes hard work . We enjoyed the rural village onboard a colorful carabao ride and  simply learned how coconuts are harvested.

villa escudero

Philippine Experience Show performed by the resort employees and accompanied by the resort’s  musicians.

villa escudero

The Tinikling is the National Dance of the Philippines. It is also the most famous of all Filipino folk dances.

villa escudero

An all-time favorite Filipino past time , Sabong or Cockfighting is embedded in the fabrique of  the Philippine society. Dagdag mo na rin ang pagiging tsismoso at tsismosa ng mga Pinoy. 

villa escudero

The Filipinos pay tributes to  native Philippine folk dances. Dancing performance during show at Villa Escudero.

villa escudero

Beautiful views of the lake from  Cafe Indigo. The lake is wrapped with a healthy vegetation.

villa escudero

Labasin Lake is the narrow lake which was  created by the Labasin hydroelectric dam. One of the amenities provided by the resort to visitors is the native bamboo rafting which is  available and is included with the day tour.

villa escuderoA journey to the Labasin Waterfalls was about to start. 

villa escuderoDine at the Labasin Waterfalls restaurant. 

villa escudero


Nothing beats enjoying a festive glass of halo-halo at Cafe Indigo.

villa escuderoA view of the lake. Labasin Lake – Villa Escudero

villa escudero

When you get there, you will encounter a unique selection of beautiful blue flowers.

villa escudero

Experience how to paddle a native bamboo raft on the lake Labasin .

villa escudero

They’re not big things, but they each simple pleasure can translate to a great  outdoor experience.

villa escudero

To complete the tour we strolled around the park, the lake and the waterfalls for bird watching. Explore and discover our very own Philippines birds . I never knew there are about 600 bird species in the country. Stroll around the area of the resort and you will find indigo Kingfisher. Observe the little egrets fly along with the wind and listen to  other bird species and decipher what type of songs they usually sing .

Learn the art of bird watching and discover the birds in their natural habitat. Watching these birds fly will certainly can open secret thing about the beauty of nature. 

How to get to Villa Escudero

One must take a South super highway and exit to 50A Lucena , Batangas exit. Then turn let to the Sto Tomas junction. Straight ahead by passing the towns of San Pablo and Alaminos. Slow down after crossing the Quezon boarder arch and the plantation is just a few hundred meters on the left side.

Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort
San Pablo City, Philippines

Manila Office
1059 Estrada Street, Malate 1004 Metro Manila

Telephone Nos.
(632) 521-0830
(632) 523-0392
(632) 523-2944

Fax Number:
(632) 521-869


Provincial Mailing Address
P.O. Box 4 San Pablo City 400, Philippines

Massive shout-out to our friends from Columbia Sportswear, and the staff of Villa Escudero for inviting me. I am so fortunate actually to have other people share their insight and their wealth of ideas about the joy of birding. Next time, I will spend at least overnight at the Villa Escudero.

Other attractions and a must experience at Villa Escudero are as follows:

  • Museum
  • Dining at the waterfalls restaurant
  • Philippines experience show
  • bamboo rafts
  • village tour
  • Bird watching

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