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Happy love month|Philippines Hot Air Balloon Festival 2012

Hot air balloon

Love is in the air! 

For those of you that still need to plan out for the valentine’s day whether your single, in a relationship or complicated with someone else.  Go ahead and watch a nice movie, go to a park, eat delicious food… and join the 2012 Hot air balloon festival.

Aside from the colorful hot air balloons , various activities are lined up. From skydiving, paragliding,  aircraft display, mini booth for photo souvenirs ( believe me it’s everywhere and that’s for free) , kite flying exhibition, rocketry demonstration and a lot more.

2012 Hot Air Balloon Schedule
February 9th thru 12th 2012

Will happen onFebruary 09
Witness the Hot Air Balloon Flights 5:30-7:00AM
Be amazed with the Paragliding Exhibition 6:30-7:30AM
The best of Ultralight Aircraft Formation Flying 7:40-8:15AM
More Action-Ultralight Bomb Dropping Audience Participation 8:15-9:00AM
Aerobatic Flight Display 9:00-9:40AM
Kite Flying Exhibition 9:40-10:00AM
AOPA Light Airplane Balloon Bursting Competition 10:00-10:45AM
Sky Diving Exhibition 10:45-11:30AM
R/C Demonstration Flying 11:30-12:00PM
Open 12:00-1:00PM
Sky Diving Exhibition 1:00-2:00PM
AOPA Light Aircraft Balloon Bursting 2:00-2:45PM
Aerobatic Flight Display 3:45-4:30PM
Rocketry Demonstration 4:30-5:00PM
Ultralight Formation Flying 5:00-5:20PM
Hot Air Balloon Fly-In 5:20-6:00PM
Will happen on February 10
Hot Air Balloon Flights 5:30-7:00AM
Paragliding Exhibition 6:30-7:30AM
Ultralight Aircraft Flyby & Flour Bombing 7:40-8:30AM
Aerobatic Air Show 8:30-9:15AM
R/C Helicopter Show 9:30-9:50AM
AOPA Aircraft Flyby 9:50-10:30AM
AOPA Aircraft Balloon-Bursting Competition 10:30-11:15AM
Skydiving Exhibition 11:15-12:00PM
Choreographed Kite Flying Exhibition 12:30-1:30PM
Fire Fighting Exhibition 1:30-2:15PM
Skydiving Exhibition 2:15-3:00PM
Wings Over Asia Aviators Gathering Seminar 3:00-6:00PM
Rocketry Demonstration 3:00-3:45PM
Aerobatic Flight Display 4:00-4:30PM
Paragliding Exhibition 4:30-5:15PM
Hot Air Balloon Flights 5:30-6:00PM
Will happen on February 11
Hot Air Balloon Flight 5:30-7:00AM
Paragliding Exhibition 6:30-7:30AM
Ultralight Aircraft Flyby 7:40-8:30AM
Krukspec Airsoft Speedball Competition 8:30-5:00PM
Aerobatic Flight Display 8:30-9:15AM
Search and Rescue Flying Exhibition 9:15-10:00AM
AOPA-P, Wings Over Asia, Thai Flying Club Flyby 10:00-10:45AM
Skydiving Exhibition 10:45-11:15AM
AOPA Light Airplane Balloon Bursting Competition 11:15-12:00PM
Kite Flying Exhibition 12:00-12:45PM
open 12:45-1:15PM
Citation Mustang fly by 1:15-1:45PM
Skydiving Exhibition 1:45-2:15PM
AOPA Light Aircraft Balloon-Bursting Competition 2:15-3:00PM
Choreographed Kite Flying Exhibition 3:00-3:45PM
Aerobatic Flight Display 3:45-4:30PM
Rocketry Demonstration 4:30-5:00PM
Ultralight Flyby 5:00-5:30PM
RC Airplane Flying Demonstration 5:30-5:45PM
Hot Air Balloon Flight 5:45-6:15PM
Hot Air Balloon Night Glow 6:45-7:30PM


Will happen on February 12
Hot Air Balloon Flights5:30-7:00AMParagliding Exhibition6:30-7:30AMUltralight Aircraft Flyby & Flour Bombing7:30-8:30AMKrukspec Airsoft Speedball Competition8:00-5:00PMAOPA-P, Wings Over Asia, Thai Flying club Fly-by8:30-9:30AMR/C Helicopter Show9:30-10:00AMHelicopter Flying Exhibition10:00-10:30AMSkydiving Exhibition10:30-11:00AMAOPA Light Airplane Balloon Bursting Competition11:00-12:00PMChoreographed Kite Flying Exhibition12:30-1:15PMUltralight Flying Display1:15-2:00PMRC Airplane Flying Demonstration2:00-2:30PMAOPA Light Airplane BalloOn Bursting Finals2:30-3:30PMaerobatics Exhibition3:30-4:15PMRocketry Demonstration4:15-4:45PMMicrolight & Ultralight Flyby4:45-5:30PMHot Air Balloon Night Glow5:30-6:45PMCrew and Awards Night Party7:30PM

 How to get there?

Where: Clark Special Economic Zone. Take the North Luzon Expressway from Manila and exit at Dau, Mabalacat. After which, a left turn towards Angeles City would bring you to within an easy right turn to Clark itself. The trip should take about an hour and a half from Manila.