I guess PLDT has the liberty to upset you. Yes right now, I am so mad and angry with PLDT or The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company commonly known as PLDT, the largest telecommunications company in the Philippines. So, right now, I’m very pissed with PLDT, totally disappointed and so angry to the point of wanting to punch all of them! So frustrated is I believe the least acceptable but I think I already passed that point.

I am currently subscribed to PLDT services now (LANDLINE AND the HIGHSPEED internet) for around a year and six months. But admittedly, the level of competency is way far below that any human being on earth and their so called “STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES” are meant for only them and not in any way for helping the smooth delivery of services to their VALUED customers…

Let me give you a brief explanation…

After numerous calls on a daily basis regarding an interrupted services such as NO DIAL TONE and NO ACCESS to internet connection, I was able to meet the people behind long hold times of over 10 minutes each time I called that doesn’t include pulling up their customer’s account. I reached the point where I had to yell at the agents who I was talking to for inconsistent information I get such as system restoration, line testing or  it looks like you have an outside facility issue which I did not quite understand after all.
Perhaps some companies do not care after paying them on time. Is this the repercussion of being a good customer? They only care if they receive your payment by the due date.

I must admit that Technology fails too, that  no matter how well designed the structure is sometimes it could fail as well.  I personally believe that If you state what you’re concerned about in a respecful manner, you will get faster service, and my concerns get resolved right away. But I guess I was completely wrong.

I noticed about PLDT customer service representatives that there are things they can’t do something about, rather than finding a quick resolution to the problem (Great customer service).  I even have had a representative tell me I was not listening to him. But I have no other choice at this point because I have to say they are the giant in the telecommunications industry, that if I want internet and phone lines, I have to wait until they decide to listen to a small voice like me. Wait and wait until you get tired.

I still don’ want to believe that #PLDTSUCKS.

#PLDT SUCKS that they have to nurse the  spoiled mindset that they have to figure out the problems for more than a week. I am just so tired with PLDT. I am one of those patient individuals but I really don’t deserve this. Paying over PHP1800+ for a HIGHSPEED internet is a lot of money.

But I still don’ want to believe that #PLDTSUCKS.
Here’s the story:
On March 24, 2013, our landline stopped working and DSL went down completely giving total loss of internet service. So, I went ahead and called PLDT customer care at around 4pm tried to speak to their customer care staff about the loss of our PLDT services.The lady on the phone tells me it will be at least 24-48 hours before they can get onto fixing the issue.
March 25, 2013- Monday
I  called them again and discussed the issues about the loss of internet service and phone line.
March 26, 2013- Tuesday
I called in the morning, afternoon and in the evening and I got the same response from them.
I was a bit impatient and demanded for a supervisor. Unfortunately, there were no supervisors available at that time. I got so furious because I reported it ahead time so that they can do something about it prior to the holiday.
March 27, 2013- Wednesday
Around 9:30 AM, I talked to Lea and she said they’re ABOUT to forward this to the proper channel for the resolution. Take note she said about to forward.
March 28, 2013- Thursday
Around 9:30 am, I talked to Leo and was told that the issue has been forwarded to their TECH department. So what happened to the 24-48 hour time frame? Is it 24-48 hours until they can get started checking on it.
Can you imagine that? I called them every day and guess what, since March 24, 4 days and they told me the exact same phrases, “4 days until they can check what’s the problem”, so that now makes it 4 full days????
March 29, 2013- Good Friday
Our family went out for Visita Iglesia.Visita Iglesia (Church Visitation) is the Catholic tradition of praying the fourteen stations of the cross in seven different churches during Holy Week.
They should set appointments and keep us informed. They should have called me before they show up at our door step.
Our maid was then told that they will be back on the next business day which is on Monday.
April 1, 2013- Monday
It’s now on our 8th day of No phone lines and internet access.
I talked to Marilyn at around 10 am  and I was too astonished to find out that it’s for line testing. Line testing again?  That is insanely ridiculous!
So, this meant having to go out and buy a smart sim card and broadband internet sticks to work from, from our office, and calling PLDT multiple times a day which had entirely NO affect on them getting my problem resolved quicker.

I called PLDT again since I was not convinced with Marilyn. I contacted PLDT customer care and this time I spoke with Ella at around 11 AM. She was a little soft spoken and polite so I was not in the mood to curse her and they made myself believe that it was taken care of. I was told that it was an outside facility issue and therefore will be fixed asap and she’ll call me back to give feedback about the status.

She then called me back at 12 noon during lunch time and assured me that she will personally take care of it by submitting reports. ( Submitting it AGAIN?!).
I politely asked her to call the tech so we would know exactly what’s going on.
Ella called me back but not to bring the good news. Instead, she politely said she exhausted all her effort to get in touch with Richard (TECH) but Richard could not be reached at all.
At 7:30 PM I called 173 again and reached out to Mel. I was able to exchange negative feedback and my frustrations with PLDT.  How devastated I am for not taking my problem in their priority list. This apologetic guy made another promise to take care of everything. He promised to call back the next day at 10AM but I never heard anything from him since then.
April 2, 2013- Tuesday
I called earlier to let them know that I still exist and that I will still continue to bombard them with my current issue on social networking sites thinking that my issues with their services will be prioritized but I guess it did not work.

I was able to talk to Joel as early as 8 AM and was promised with these phrases “It should be ok na po sir. Icoordinate ko nalang po”.

Kanino icocoordinate? I then persistenly demanded for a supervisor was held for more than 3 minutes. Joel got back and advised me his supervisor was currently taking phone calls. I was never a constant complainer but this time I think I have to.  After placing me on hold, he got back again and this time he left me with a positive scripting telling me that his Supervisor named LEVI contacted the technician and therefore I should receive a phone call anytime today.

PLDT Customer care  have the reputation of convincing you that they will call you back for nothing.
I called the PLDT hotline again at 10:30 AM but I was hung up on.
At 10:35, I talked to Tin and was promised that a TECH staff will arrive within the day. Take note WITHIN the day.
I called 1:30 PM to reconfirm the status of the TECH visit. Here’s what they had to say:
” May nagpunta na po sa area nyo kahapon and under system restoration na po ito”. Ngayon po wala pong technician na ipapadala because we found out just now na may kelangang adjustment sa cable facility. This would take 24-48 hours”.
#You broke my heart PLDT.
APRIL 3, 2013 Still on going restoration.
APRIL 4, 2013 Phone line is up but the internet service is still unavailable
Contacted customer service I was advised to wait again for 24-48 hours because line testing is still ongoing. I was not given any specifics as to when it’s going to be available. I bet the issue won’t be settled until next week considering the numbers of calls to their customer care hotline thus I should wait for years.
#forever is not enough
In the end, we ended up with 10 days total downtime and still counting, which they promised they’re going to fix as soon as possible leaving their so called VALUED CUSTOMER without phone lines and internet services for 10 consecutive days to repair something that takes forever to determine the reasons how they can fix!

Realistically, PLDT leaves a customer hanging for 10 consecutive days before even looking into what the real problem is. I am your so called VALUED customer that pays huge chunk of my savings for your phone line and broadband service!I will try to post updates about PLDT to keep you guys posted. So tell me about your experiences with PLDT? Have you gone through a similar thing? I would love to hear your stories. Leave a comment or get in touch with me through my contact page.

DISCLAIMER: Full names of the representatives and their employee identification numbers are not divulged to protect their identities.

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