When most people begin to plan a Casino holiday they will naturally start their search in Las Vegas which is the undisputed home of Casino destinations.

Vegas attracts all sorts of life, and their gambling establishments are not as exclusive as many of the traditional European ‘members only’ type clubs. Venues like Caesars Palace are the home to slots machines, Poker, Blackjack and all of the Casino favourites and they also double as hotels, restaurants, sports venues and shopping centres. Any list of must see Casinos will nearly inevitably begin with Caesars Palace.

There’s still something about Vegas that captures quite neatly the outside view of the USA as a land of opportunity and escapism, and the Casinos in Vegas thrive on their bold brash demeanors.

The movie industry has often based itself in and around the Vegas Casino over the years and they mutually gain from each other’s presence in terms of publicity and fantastical settings. Caesars and The Bellagio are both movie favourites and when you set foot inside, you may recognise certain parts from the silver screen. Glitz and glam are integral parts of the Casino scene and it’s hard to think of a place in the world where Vegas can be rivaled in this department. One part of the Casino world that can match Vegas to some extent in terms of sheer scale is Macau, Southern China, and the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas is certainly worth a look for an exotic location and gigantic Casino hotels.

The Caribbean is another favourite Casino type destination with places like Puerto Rico making a big trade in Casino holidays. Atlantic City is a worthy mention. It may play second fiddle to Vegas but houses some huge establishments such as the prosperous Borgata. When choosing a Casino holiday you should be careful to take in all of the options, but for the ultimate Casino experience most people don’t stray too far from Vegas and the world renowned Vegas strip.

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