Getting to Port Barton in San Vicente, Palawan is an adventure in itself. The roads are all dirt path and the strong tides of Filipino life move on immensely undisturbed by the small group of wanderers hanging around in the handful of budget beach cottages and hotels. The Port Barton is located on the northwest coast of Palawan which is  roughly halfway in between El Nido and Puerto Princesa. One needs to hop on a bus, boat, minivan, jeepney to get to the far less developed  destination called Port Barton.

The quaint Port Barton beach itself is a stunning strip of fine white sand and great for a quick swim. There are roughly over ten pristine white sand islands, a number of top-notch dive and snorkelling sites and even a couple of waterfalls which I am about to explore very soon. Please be aware though that electricity is usually available between the hours of 10 A.M. and midnight.

This amazing sleepy beach town is situated a bit off the beaten track, which makes getting there all the more thrilling and exciting.

Ausan’s Beach Front Cottages

My very first trip to Port Barton in San Vicente, Palawan perhaps was the reason why I was more thrilled to explore the islands of Palawan. The idea of destination less traveled got me really excited. My arrival at the Port Barton was welcomed by our host and the Owner Sir Boel Baylon who I eventually applauded for his love about his own town and the story of his humble beginnings. His story and the rest of all the things you need to know about Port Barton surely deserve a separate recognition.


Ausan’s Beach Front Cottages  used to be Ausan’s Cottages had only two cottages and one duplex area. Today, with the demand of visitors, slowly but surely, Ausan’s Beach Front Cottages fulfilled their promise to give guests more options to choose rooms suitable for their budget both for local and foreign guests. Ausan’s Beach Front Cottages has a renovated beach front cottages added a superior rooms with selected air-conditioned with TV Satellite. A native concrete design bar and restaurant which boasts Western, European, Oriental and Filipino cuisines, and various cocktails and cold beers and juices will soon be available for guests. FREE WiFi, 24 hours hot shower on selected cottages and rooms, online booking system for accommodation, boat and private van transfer, tour packages, activities and resort amenities are also included in their services.

Ausan’s Beach Front Cottages

Ausan’s Beach Front Cottages is absolutely a very well conceptualized and a laid back beach resort. All areas I passed through led me into yet another surprising areas that were more thrilling than the first. I looked at the surroundings before me and I immediately fell in love with what greeted me.


The soon to be finished Villa [good for big groups] is a haven of calm, serenity and surprisingly covered with ornamental garden which even has a moderate fragrance which attracts colorful butterflies. The villa which is about to be finished very soon has a stunning vista with an artful decoration of a beautiful garden and under the sea ornaments.

ausan beach front port barton

Listening to the crashing waves feels like a breath of fresh air. I owned and took comfort in my room listening to sound of nature. Ausan’s Beach Cottages offers modern amenities which included a comfortable pillows and the highlight was their hot and cold shower. I’m not gonna tell you why, not yet. Their outdoor shower is very interesting too as it’s surrounded by local plants, shrubs and pebbled borders.

Ausan’s Beach Front Cottages is the only resorts in Port Barton has 17 hours electricity from 7am – 6pm (Resort Generator) and 6pm – 12 midnight (Public Electricity).

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In the evenings, dinner at Bamboo house, Jambalaya and Eldorado offered a pleasant surprises, trying out local and international flavors while being serenaded by the crashing waves with the twinkling of the stars reflecting the sea. The striking moment for me there was enjoying the hammock at the beach while I sipped my local coconut juice and watching the sun saying goodbye for the day, brightening the sky in brilliant hues of cerulean blue. Then I would imagine myself  looking at those dark blue clouds wrapped in a gorgeous moon halo. It’s really beautiful. Then the night becomes nostalgic. When I look at the sky, everything is illuminated by the aura of nostalgia.

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Port Barton was a new destination for me. For first timer like me, I appreciate the local culture, hospitality and their warmth. Unspoiled beyond words. Port Barton in general is overwhelmingly a piece of paradise and the environment here boosts the extra-ordinary experience with their extremely impressive settings and outstanding hospitality.


How to get to Ausan Beach Cottages from Puerto Princesa City to Port Barton

Using public transport located at New San Jose Bus Terminal in Puerto Princesa City, the local jeepney will take about 4 hours. The jeepney leaves at 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM on a daily basis and the cost is at Php250/person. The cost of a tricycle to the terminal on the other hand is less than Php80 depending on the number of heads. Port Barton is situated 166 kilometers Northwest of Puerto Princesa City. Upon arrival in Port Barton Terminal, you may register in the Port Barton Tourism Assistance Center and a 2-3 minutes to Ausan Beach Cottages.

From Puerto Princesa – San Vicente – Port Barton

One can also travel from Puerto Princesa City to San Vicente via Public Shuttle Van, Private air condition Van or Bus as Public Shuttle Van leaves betweent 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM and 12:00 noon every day and the Public Bus leaves at 1:00PM. It takes 4 hours for private van, 4hours public shuttle van and 5-6 hours for public jeepney. From San Vicente bound to Port Barton it takes 45 minutes to an hour depending on the weather. The Public boats can also be rented from San Vicente to Port Barton on a daily basis  9:00am – 10:00am from Port Barton and the hours of 2:00pm- 3:00pm leaves in San Vicente to Port Barton. For your convenience , you can get in touch with the resort staff for the arrangements of your private van and boat pick-ups. 


By Boat from El Nido to Port Barton

*Public Transfer by land

Take public transport from El Nido going to Puerto Princesa.
Ask to be dropped off in Roxas. There is only one jeepney leaving in Roxas at 12noon travelling onto Port Barton.

*Public transfer by Sea

Visit El Nido tourism office for schedule of public boat going to Port Barton or Sabang. Also visit Judith’s at El Nido Boutique and Art Shop. If your boat from El Nido is travelling to Sabang ask the boatman to drop you off in Ausan Beach front cottages next to Port Barton’s  Tourism office.


I am still reminded of this song by ABBA which was performed by a local musician on our last night. Hasta Mañana, baby, Hasta Mañana, until then. I’ll be coming back very soon Port Barton!

This trip was hosted by Ausan Beach Front Cottages And Resorts. Special thanks to the Owner Sir Boel Baylon who made me feel at home including Mr. Ariel M. Los Pobres, Operations Manager for the warm hospitality through out our visit. Thanks a lot to Chef Janjie our Lakwatserong Kusinero and Ashley for tagging me along to the road less traveled.

Ausan Beach Front Cottage & Restaurant
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