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Practical Traveler: Is Your Car Safe At The Airport?

Are you travelling a lot these days? Whether for business, vacation, or visiting your family, you might have noticed how planning doesn’t stop at your destination. You need to plan for what you will leave behind, as well as where you are going to park your car. Where is your pet going to spend those nights? Who will water your plants? And many other questions. 


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Regular travelers who fly for a couple of days, park their cars in the airport for a fast and hassle-free experience. Some people drive a long way to reach the airport and prefer to park their car for when they return. 

But is it safe to park your car at the airport?

In the 90s, an immense number of reported incidents have taken place at different airports around the world, some cars were stolen, others accessories and spare parts were gone and some car locks were smashed and their dashboards were stolen. Since then, a lot of security changes had taken place at airports: more security guards were on site, surveillance cameras were at every corner, and they used bright lights and locked gates.

Why should I leave my car at the airport?

It is very common that travelers leave their cars at the airport, as discussed earlier, especially frequent travelers and who live far away from the airport, usually park their car and return to find it safe and sound. Additionally, families tend to park their cars, imagine how many bags, car seats and things they will be carrying around on public transportation. Nevertheless, airport parking is convenient, helpful, and in some cases cheaper.

Where can you park your car at the airport?

Depending on which country and airport you are heading to, there are on-site and off-site parking facilities. Most of them provide you with free shuttle buses to your terminal, and many travelers find Airport parking with Parkos convenient as it provides well selected and inspected parking facilities with the best deals in the market. Those experts provide you with a good parking provider’s database in 10 different countries, an informative review by other travelers and an overview of your selected parking service, as shuttle buses, valet, availability of indoor parking and their payment methods. 

How can you keep your car safe?

You can still be worried about leaving your car away from your home in a strange place. Even when you know you’re selecting the right airport parking facility that it is their responsibility for any damage or incidents, extra safety will definitely make you worry less. 

  • Remove all valuables from your car: jewelry, money, important documents, phone chargers, and most importantly your parking ticket.
  • Leave your car clean and empty: burglars will draw away from it, because they sense that you are very aware of what you left in your car.
  • Choose your parking spot- where is it bright and all cameras can view it

Now you can drive yourself to the airport, park it, and travel with peace of mind. Safe airport parking will provide you with a new and relaxing travel experience and you’ll cross one thing off your list when planning trips.

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