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Last October 6-7, 2012 we started a small group tour in the province of Baler. It was an incredible experience leading a small group. Some experiences went good and others were not so good but they were all considered a highly positive experience.

project dora baler 1.0Miss Ethel Zhang at the Ditumabo Falls.

We hope to see you again on our next trip. Joining our trip is like experiencing a different or unique way of life than what you are used to at home. Experience tradition, food, history, culture, lifestyle and more opportunities to connect with people who have the same love of travel as you do.

Whether you are the most introvert person or easily irritated with some people, we can help you appreciate the camaraderie with other Travel nuts. And take note that the memorable trips involve the shared experiences with other travelers and wanderers.Eventually, these experiences become some of your most important memories.

PROJECT DORA GROUP TOURSIn some cases, regardless of how prepared you are, things may not always go perfectly as planned. The weather may be too hot or cold, the service of the restaurant may seem very slow, vehicles, vans may go on strike but these are all part of the travel experiences especially in the Philippines. But the best travelers are understanding and perhaps open minded about the situations that we don’t have any control of and they somehow enjoy this aspect of the experience.


They experienced Baler through Project Dora. They tried surfing without any idea of how to ride the board and play with those giant waves. They were all afraid. But after less than an hour, see how these girls were doing.  I’m so impressed.

joining the Project Dora was such a good experience..sana maulit,especially the surfing…
RIZZA MALABANAN, participant Project Dora Baler 1.0

When we go to some places, we always try not to think about the stress it could give us. We always try not to think about that stuff because the more we think about it, we might end up more frustrated. Instead, we focus and stay positve, happy and adjust action plans when necessary.

Ditumabo Falls
Balete Tree
Aurora House
Baler Museum
Baler Church
Lukso-Lukso Islets
Digisit Falls
Digisit Beach & AMCO Park
Cemento Beach

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