Puerto Princesa itinerary

A great experience will never be forgotten . From the fantastic food bought and  brought from the market  to extraordinary vacations , Exploring the natures best with the warmest and grandest smile from the people you meet. Puerto Princesa has made it to give you the greatest island escape.  This paradise is ultimately a playground for someone like me. The beauty is timeless.

Puerto Princesa is known to be the Capital of Palawan, which is the first class city in the Philippines. If you are an adventurous person then this is the place for you . Food adventures, underground river  and a lot more . This place will surely give you an unforgettable journey you will never forget.

There are lots of beautiful and interesting things to see and experience in Puerto Princesa.  There’s Honda Bay , Butterfly garden, underground river, Baywalk , Wildlife , Museum and the cathedral and a lot more.

I created a simple itinerary for you to enjoy your Puerto Princesa adventure.

Arrival Puerto Princessa

Day 1 

Crocodile Farm

Baker’s Hill

Butterfly Garden

visit the cathedral 


Day 2

This is very tiring yet fulfilling

Whole day underground river tour 

cave and more swimming

Day 3

Honda Bay tour 

where you can enjoy the snake island , starfish island , 

more swimming, snorkeling 

More updates soon…

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