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Puerto Princesa City is the capital of Palawan and a first class city in the Philippines.  It has a population of approximately 200,000 people. It is known for its famous crocodile farm , several diving spots and underground river. 

Puerto Princesa is also known to numerous world class tourist spots. One of which is the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park , a UNESCO world Heritage Site . A river that flows directly into the sea  and represents  habitat for biodiversity conservation.

Puerto Princesa is approximately 306 nautical miles away from Manila , 206 nautical miles to Panay Island and about 250 nautical miles to Zamboanga.

Traveling can really be costly nowadays so  I make sure that I spend money wisely . Im always on the look out for discounted fares , so a cheap and reasonable airfare can definitely make a difference. In most cases , generally , my travel schedules are planned  at least a year in advance. Believe me, it really works for me. I always look out for promotional fares like Piso fare, 50% discount to name a few.

Now I’m writing to share with you some of the useful tips and suggestions as to how you will be able to spend less and get to know more  of your travel destination.
Take note of my suggestion for I know that you will thank me for these valuable information. Aside from the discounted fares  , I strongly suggest that you create your own itinerary that will cover everything, budget, schedules , entrance fees so you know how much you need to shell out on your trip.  Check out travel websites , contact resort owners for announcements . You can also ask if they give out discounted accommodation for a group of people. Planning is really important when traveling . Know the season . During off peak season , you will be saving the hassle of spending so much of your time waiting in line on crowded resorts or restaurants .
Another suggestion is couch surfing.Its a volunteer based worldwide network connecting travelers with members who offer free accommodation and advices from fellow members. Check out their website www.couchsurfing.com.

If you also have friends or relatives nearby , you can ask for assistance. Assistance could be an advise or recommendation   for a nice and comfortable accomodation in the area at a very reasonable price. Do not hesitate  to ask your friends and make your own research about the place . When you get there , look for the city halls tourism office. Ask the locals, interview the tricycle drivers,  ask the vendors, be sociable, mingle and make friends with everyone. Locals will be your friends during your entire trip, you ask them and gather all the information you need.

Puerto Princesa is one of the first class cities in the Philippines, which means generally most of the hotels and accommodations are expensive.
Please remember to explore the city and its town. Believe me , there are so many cheap pension houses there which can save you money. Every single centavo or peso counts nowadays. Take note of the cost of the standard tour packages and choose which one is going to work for you. Check out this  Puerto Princesa itinerary.

I am so glad there’s internet. Internet has really made everything. Just a single click and you will get what you need.

And speaking of spending less , travel more, You take a lot of great photos, buy a great souvenir and blog about your fantastic experience.

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