Tagaytay is also dubbed as the summer capital of the Philippines. Now if you plan to go to Tagaytay, I strongly suggest you try some of the activities there and maximize the whole experience. Tagaytay is just two hours away from Metro Manila has become one of the favorite weekend destinations for those people who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life. With its cool temperature, distance from Metro Manila and other beautiful attractions I would not be surprised that people from Manila get away and enjoy a day trip in Tagaytay.

The PUZZLE MANSION is surrounded  by a scenic backdrop of bushes, grasses, trees and a colorful backgrounds of wildflowers. It is also hidden in a total seclusion of genuine luxury which are embedded into the landscape.

Located in the Tagaytay hills is a well kept secret – a bed and breakfast added with a special touch of magnetic attraction: the worlds largest collection of rare and popular puzzles from a wide range of sizes and art forms. Spread over more than one-hectare of property, this new tourist attraction in Tagaytay has been gaining recognition and popularity in the Philippines and in the world. It also has a 400 square meter function room that can accommodate up to 400 guests, an infinity pool, 24 hour cafe, cable TV, internet connection and massage area.

Puzzle Mansion gives you the opportunity to do all the things you intend to do. There’s a lot to choose from: Food trip, soul searching, climbing and trekking the volcano. You can slow down and relax.


Puzzle Mansion boasts a selection of rooms with large en-suite bathrooms where everyone can feel right at their home. They offer the finest accomodations with interconnecting rooms, twin double beds, queen sized beds, full sized bathrooms. Your personal choice is endless which is something they brag about. Each room is equipped with complimentary soaps, shampoo and fresh towels.


Aside from the luxurious rooms, they also have open kitchen which is fitted with a gas stove, oven, fridge and all kitchen necessities. Daily linen, towels are provided and free internet connection is supported throughout the holiday home. There is a playground just near the pool area and the museum which is children friendly with a large garden to play.


All bedroom rooms have a comfortable king sized bed and are equipped with air-conditioning. All bedroom’s walls and ceilings have been heat and sound proofed which assures a comfy nights rest. Their rooms are fitted with a large LCD TV. There’s an open kitchen and dining table seats are spacious and is a great area to host a small dinner party.

bed and breakfast PUZZLE MANSION

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are also available . It was a terrific round of Filipino dishes . I should say, I definitely enjoyed not just eating but the whole experience at the Puzzle Mansion. In the future , I want to stay not just overnight but a couple of more days to appreciate the haven in the highlands showcasing comfort , solitude and tranquility in the heart of a lush hilltop panoramic city of Tagaytay.

PUZZLE MANSION, TAGAYTAYThe large garden has some great views and it’s a must to relax on the sun while taking a Black coffee (or any coffee drinks), Strawberry Daiquiri, and a Blow Job or could be sipping tequila or margarita at the pool area is another attraction at the Puzzle Mansion. It is always the best place to stay and enjoy Tagaytay’s pleasant year round activities like horseback riding, visiting the war memorial, sailing around the lake of Taal, trekking to Taal Volcano crater, enjoying the food at the restaurants of Tagaytays or just simply viewing the lake surrounded by rich and varied countryside.


Now whether you are on a business trip or simply want to get away from the busy and overwhelming streets of the metropolis, you have to make sure you book a perfect place in Tagaytay during the summer holidays.

How to get to Puzzle Mansion:
One can ride any bus bound to Nasugbu, Batangas.  It would take approximately 2 to 3 hours travel time from Manila to the mansion. Get off to Olivarez  in Tagaytay and ride a tricycle. The fare cost is usually 30-50 pesos. If you are travelling in groups, you can coordinate with the staff and you will be fetched by a white and blue unique shuttle.

(When I say UNIQUE, it is definitely UNIQUE).

Puzzle Mansion Purok 4 Cuadra
St. Barangay Asisan, Tagaytay city, Philippines

Call Puzzle Mansion for inquires or reservations
Tel: 02 661 0019/ Tel: 0905 225 0229

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