Blogger interview with Andrew of Random Trippings


I am so delighted to hear from a certified worrier about life and a part-time adventurer . If you want to know more about him. Check out his blog at

About his travel blog

My travel blog is very new. I only started writing last Sept of this year. I created it primarily because I wanted to chronicle my temporary stay in the Philippines and to make sure that I set aside some time to travel the country. I am currently on “borrowed time” as I would like to call it. Soon enough I’m going to leave and go back to my boring existence in North America. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to see more of the Philippines while I am here. My blog is my primary source of motivation.

Three favorite travel blogs he can’t stop visiting

 Chronicles of a Pinay Travel Junkie, Flip n’ Travels and Batang Lakwatsero.

cliff diving in the philippines

Andrew as a superhuman|cliff diving| Malapascua

On the best thing about blogging

Blogging is a great way to share information. Last quarter of this year, I met a bunch of talented and passionate individuals who blog about their travels. Since then, I feel like I bought myself a bunch of Lonely Planet books by simply reading and following their blogs. It’s amazing how this can be done nowadays.

On The worst thing about blogging

 Cyber bullying. Recently, a friend of mine whom I’ve met online had a dose of cyber bullying because she posted something that was viewed by others as derogatory to a certain institution. Her issue was valid but she was not able to avoid attacks especially from readers who have no real knowledge of the issue but have unlimited access to the internet.

On Where he  gets inspiration from his blog

Nothing but wonderful experiences. I guess I’m the type of person who writes best after seeing things like a beautiful scenery, children laughing and playing by the beach, an old couple holding hands with each other, after an adrenaline packed activity or after a nice drive out-of-town. I’d like to think that I blog so I can feed my soul and wonderful experiences is what my soul craves for.

Tips he wants to share for aspiring travel bloggers

 Don’t travel because you need to write. Write because you traveled.

Thanks so much Andrew ! See you on the road! Stay tuned and Be on the look out for another Travel blogger interview.

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