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The Coronavirus disease has certainly affected us all. People from different countries from all over the world have had to adapt to new ways of life in order to safeguard their health and stay as safe as possible. Places of work, schools and public spaces had to close down. Hospitals ended up facing huge workloads, putting a lot of strain on the doctors, nurses and other medical staff.

Families ended up staying away from each other in an attempt to protect one another from possible contagion. Traveling had to be stopped, and many sports and recreational activities, along with all sorts of events where mass gatherings would have been involved had to be cancelled or postponed.

Shops and retail outlets had to close their doors, and so did restaurants and hotels. The slogan, ‘stay home, stay safe’, is uttered everywhere. Everyone is urged to stay home, and to go out only for absolute necessities. Health authorities all over the world encouraged remote working, and online shopping. The importance of washing our hands properly and regularly, wearing masks or face shields, and social distancing have been made as important as laws during the past few months.

This month, more and more businesses are closing down including our favorite hang-out place. More and more people lose their jobs. So sad that all these establishments are closing for good. This situation is awful, and so many affected in many ways. I hope they will reopen one day, we shall return when they do.[0]=68.ARAJ7JQArQXwL_HwpnVesRR17g4RRB2Jf5NviufjjUDbPxTSfUxz_X5BYmKRGT8Lsle41uyLvdSEVXKorGyn0jJcyxKogxD1ySaanWcpXh7xNJWPyOUBtHHiYLYRZLVknbk-QP8eGqKjH-DOT5JfXIthLLw2pWaFeZY3W2VJllSnrrMuYAf_xN4p0zLYaBwY7VNw0BmU_m5uwfMu5qjjpHS95X4akHSKpNg_La5G1Fh8LXbQHrpYiI3QYXipC1Vo7U9wf8b9gPQiId8sDLJFls_MiZKJP2exF8XVok_7-qQiY80bGh0dXwo2XJivCsmIpk2eLpRpuTIOQfLUAEwzsHLDbNPNFVoyTmiIkO67_3y78aXyHCsZ-dIfAzhMpjYE-tfROFpN8mm1HJwAG3ayLJne7drJ8ocrvl2EDRKwd-aDBhhyyJS_&__tn__=-R

Everything seems so surreal, and yet it is a reality. A reality that we all had to face and learn to accept. It has been hard, and for many it has been even harder due to various difficulties such as loss of jobs, having to go through a quarantine, and stay away from loved ones for prolonged periods of times. Then there have been those who have had to accept the loss of a loved one, who passed away as a result of succumbing to this virus, for which there is no cure yet.

GOING GREEN: I read somewhere that during a community quarantine, pandemic or similar things, it can be very calming to get yourself a plant to take care of. So I’m currently using this time to get back into gardening. It’s absolutely therapeutic, and in these stressful times, it’s a cheap way to help yourself.

Needless to say the stress, anxiety and, for many people, loneliness and helplessness, started to prevail. And no wonder why. It has been a dreadful year for many people all over the world, and we still cannot say that we are safe despite having cases decreasing in a number of countries.

Simply thinking about it all, and writing this has made me realize how hard these past few months were, and yet, we have made it through somehow. I believe that a key element to allow us to survive during such times is faith. Believing that God is by our side, and giving us His help certainly helped to give us courage and hope.

VIRTUAL IS THE NEW NORMAL– There is a real difference between just talking to people and seeing them. I’m glad we have tools like google meet, zoom, and face time.

Our lives have been negatively affected in a myriad of ways by this pandemic. Some people have had to suffer more than others due to health problems, coupled up with financial burdens. However, as long as we do our best to keep strong, and to believe that God is with us no matter what, we can live through this. In time we will look back and remember how hard it was, and how desperate we felt at times. And yet, we will have made it through.

Because yes we can go through this as long as we keep our faith at the center of our lives. We do not need to feel alone, even though we cannot get together with friends and relatives as freely as we once used to. Instead we can appreciate their importance in our lives from afar, and for now we will have to rely on online methods of communication. However this period will have made us realize the importance of closeness with our loved ones on different levels. Our emotions will have taken a whole new perspective as a result of going through this pandemic.

Our love for God should be at the center of it all, because He is there to guide us through the darkest of times. He is there to help us understand that no matter how hard it all is, He is going to be our guiding light. As He himself said, we do not have to be afraid as He will be with us until the end of time. And I believe that if only we keep this beautiful promise at the back of our minds, we can overcome any problem and surpass any difficulty. Because nothing is stronger than Jesus and His love for us.

As people of faith we can, and we must go through this pandemic with courage and hope in our hearts. We should take this as an opportunity to feel God’s love for us stronger than ever. We should also take this as a unique opportunity to appreciate what we had before, and what we had to stay away from at least temporarily for fear of contracting this virus. We should also become more empathic to the needs of those around us, both materialistic needs, as well as emotional needs.

May this difficult period make our hearts become more loving towards our neighbors. May we be more willing to visit our elderly relatives and friends once all this is over. May we feel closer to our relatives and friends from whom we had to stay away due to social distancing rules. May we feel more compassionate towards people who suffer from loneliness, stress and anxiety every day, not only during this pandemic.

If you are worrying and it triggers your anxiety and depression, please find someone to talk to. Continue practicing your best mental health practices. Take care of yourself and if you have enough energy left over, take care of the people around you.

All in all we can take on these hard times with a positive point of view, as in truth we can manage to become better people once we realise the true essence of love, faith, and what really matters in life. So, once this pandemic is over, let us hope that there will be:

– more people visiting nursing homes and the elderly and sick,

– more people sharing a meal while talking to each other not just staring at their mobile phones,

– more people who visit those who live alone,

– more people who take the time to appreciate their friends and relatives,

– more people who appreciate the beauty of life,

– more people who will go to work happily in the morning,

– more people who understand what it means to suffer from stress and anxiety, and who will be willing to seek help to live better and more fulfilling lives.

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Keep surviving, Friends. The time for joy will come again soon.

While we will keep praying for this pandemic to end, let us also pray that at least we will have a better society once all this is over. Let us all become better people who place importance on the true meaning of life and on the need to place faith at the center of all of our activities.

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