I can still remember my first trip outside of Manila, Cebu and in Bohol in 2009. I arrived there during the “Sandugo Festival” explored nearby towns to learn some of the heritage sites in the province. “Perfect holiday” I said to myself. It was such a beautiful trip but what breaks my heart is seeing the massive damage to the infrastructure in Cebu and in the province of Bohol particularly our heritage sites.

I am deeply saddened to learn about the news, the damaged historical sites and other infrastructures, however what I am most worried and concerned about are the people.


Let’s help #rebuildBohol. Please donate and share any amounts. For donations of food and water, you may send or deliver the goods to this address: Cion-Virge Cafe and Restaurant, Airport Compound, Tagbilaran City, Bohol. The money will be used to purchase medicine, bottled water, food and other important stuff that is currently needed by our brothers and sisters in Bohol.

Let’s make our own move and stop relying too much on our government. If you know someone, individual, community, organization or other private groups where we can send our donations to the victims of 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Cebu and Bohol,  kindly leave a message on the comment section of this post.


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