Recommended Christmas destinations in The Philippines

Christmas is in the air. As we all know , Philippines is the only nation in the world that celebrates the longest Christmas season. It usually starts in September. Very interesting eh?  Christmas carols hit the airwaves,  christmas decors are everywhere.  Christmas lanterns , christmas trees and christmas lights are all over the place. 
Simbang gabi is actually the most prominent activity for Filipinos which is a daily mass for straight nine days which is held normally at dawn starting the 16th of December.
Some of the best christmas dishes are  puto bumbong which is a sticky rice steamed in a small bamboo tube. Rice cakes  with coconut milk and salted egg or commonly known as bibingka. Suman which is a steamed rice wrapped in a banana leaf which is available outside of the church . 
There are Christmas parties everywhere. What I really enjoy is exchanging of gifts.And so much more.
And by the way , witness the spectacular Giant Lantern festival in the city of San Fernando , Pampanga, Philippines  on December 17th of 2011.
I really love the month of December . It is ultimately a great time to see an amazing hand crafted Lanterns every corner of the street. 
And only this christmas and holiday season that numerous discounted merchandise are up for grabs. Nightmarkets , Big malls having a 50% to 80% items on sale. A great time for a marvelous shopping experience. Shop early while supplies last. 
If you wish to stay in the Philippines. There are so many perfect destinations for you. For your family, friends or barkada . It depends on  how you will make your christmas meaningful. 
In the meantime here are the best and recommended destinations this christmas season.
First stop..
Boracay – It’s not yet summer but this island a perfect destination this holiday season . Make your christmas soooo hot as you could feel the white and very fine sand like a snow. Drink a couple of pale Pilsen or beer with a friend or Party with the people around you. It’s great to meet someone new. 
Baguio-  If you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis , then go to Baguio. A cold temperature , fresh air yet you still enjoy the best of the modern world.  There are so many tourist destinations in Baguio especially with the whole family.
Mines View

Tagaytay – Another interesting holiday destination is Tagaytay. Budget accommodations are up for grabs too. We all have our preferences though but you can find an affordable place to stay in Tagaytay. wherever you are in Tagaytay , You will feel special.  The cold air of Tagaytay will definitely warm your hearts. A perfect place to warm your senses as it offers you place to unwind and be in love under the sky at night.Tagaytay, Taal lake view



I know that there are so much more on my list. Feel free to add your recommendation by leaving a comment. 

This holiday season is the best time to smile and party like it’s the end of the world.
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