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I bet you are looking for the cheapest accommodation in Sagada. Some tourists usually think that staying in an expensive hotel will give them better experience. This is one of the most common thoughts or assumptions people have. But this may not be true at all times because the truth is, staying in a homey atmosphere and budget-friendly accommodation means being comfortable and informal. Do you agree?

Sagada is a 5th class municipality in the province of MountainProvince, Philippines. It is located 275 km. north of Manila, 140 km. from Baguio, and it is adjacent to Bontoc, the provincial capital.

Sagada is known for its “hanging coffins”. This is a traditional way of burying people that is still utilized. Not everyone qualified to be buried this way; one had to, among other things, be married and have grandchildren.

Popular activities include food appreciation tour, trekking, exploring both caves and waterfalls, spelunking, bonfires, picnics, rappelling, visiting historical sites, nature hikes, and participating in tribal celebrations. Guides can be found upon registration at the tourist-office in Sagada Proper (the main town) for a minimal fee.


If you want  to explore Sagada and you are in a tight  budget, this lodge or transient house is suited for your group. Whether you travel solo or in group then I strongly suggest you check in at the Residential lodge. Aside from the fact that the owner (Tita Mary) is very nice and accommodating, a selection of cheap accommodation room with private bathroom for as low as php250/ $6 are up for grabs with  common bathroom. The pension house is also close  to the restaurants, pastry shops and cafes. They also have a free coffee at the ground floor with dining and common living room.


Residential lodge offers a unique travel experience and the chance for you to explore places off the travelers path. Live like a local of Sagada and receive insider tips from its owner and experience a a one of a kind destination the way the locals see it! You can find fantastic accommodation in the best locations in Sagada and at a cheaper prices. Hotel inns and lodges are fully equipped and are on average, cheaper than the traditional hotel rooms of a similar quality.


Simple yet cozy rooms which you can sleep comfortably. Pine wooden doors and some paintings hanging on the walls and other interesting stuff can be seen everywhere, a wide kitchen area, living room as well as a dining area right after the entrance are so refreshing. Feel a homey atmosphere, free flowing coffee, accessibility to wifi, clean linens and bedsheets and warm hospitality. Most of the time, I update my social networking sites and blog because the Residential lodge has a strong WIFI connection. A simple pleasure like uploading pictures using Instagram and Twitter can make my day. Before going to bed I feel the urge of going online, check out Twitter updates and update Facebook status or engaging in random Facebook games and just have a good time.


The best thing about the  Residential lodge is its  strategic location. It is currently sitting along the main and busy streets of Sagada which is too close to the Sagada Municipal Hall and other commercial establishments.

I would also like to thank Tita Mary, the owner of Residential lodge who’s  very warm and hospitable to all of her guests. She welcomed us as if she have known us for a while. The Mountain (Arabica) coffee and tea are unlimited. Anyone can get a cup of coffee anytime they like. Another thing is that Residential lodge has 2 water tanks. There is also a kitchen at the basement for all their guest who’d like to prepare and cook their own food and mind you, that is free of charge. And with a common kitchen, one can just  buy food (fruits and vegetables) and cook them inside their lodges. Tourists simply buy food at the local market.

One with the tall blue building should not miss and should not be overlooked by anyone visiting Sagada. You can’t find a luxury accommodation in Sagada but what you can clearly find are the genuine hospitality of the people and the clean pension houses like the Residential lodge where you get incredible value for money which will surely fit your tight budget.

When we come back to Sagada, we will stay again at the Residential Lodge.

You can always find a great place to stay. Residential Lodge offers private and economy rooms with hot and cold shower for inquiries please contact or send messages to 09196728744 and look for Tita Mary.

Full Disclosure: This is a sponsored trip and made possible by Project Dora. Project Dora is  group of  young travelers who organize trips aiming  to provide other travel nuts to experience a different kind of high involving exploration and travel to the beautiful 7107 islands of the Philippines. Visit their Facebook page at and  find out where  their next destination is. Photo credits Joshua Berida.