Road Trips With Pets- Top 7 Things To Carry

Globetrotters can’t just sit still for long in their homes. The wanderlust within always boosts them to plan their next trip. As far as traveling is concerned, picking the option of flying might consume too much time. What to do then? Well, if you are one such traveler who can’t wait to go out on a trip, consider road trips instead of long-distance flights. You can enjoy the roadside scenery, and it might also prove a relief to your pets.

roadtrip with pets

Besides having a private space to travel in your car, it gives you the liberty to stop wherever you want. Plus, it keeps your pets much more comfortable. Road trips with pets could be both remarkable and rough. While nothing can stop the journey with your fur babies from being fantastic, poor packing can ruin the entire experience. 

The following is the list of the top seven things for you to carry on a road trip with your pets.

1. A Dog Bed

There are hotels for you, but what about your pup? If your dog has his favorite bed, bring it on the roads. Look for a bed that serves best both while in the car as well as in the hotel. There is still no culture established in the hotels of providing dog beds. So if you want your pet to sleep and relax after traveling, backpack a bed for him. While selecting a bed for your pet, pick the best quality dog beds available on the market. Today, many companies manufacture washable beds from disparate materials in various sizes to cater to the needs of different pets. 

2. A Collapsible Food Bowl

Like beds, hotels and restaurants don’t offer any accessories for feeding pets. It is, therefore, crucial to carry a food bowl for your dog on a road trip unless you want to feed them from your hands. After every 2 to 3 hours, when you halt on the highway, feed your pups or cats in their food bowls. For convenience on a trip, carry a collapsible food bowl with a carabiner at its side. It becomes easy to transport and attach to any bag while traveling long distances. 

3. A Water Bottle

Of course, we humans carry water bottles during a road trip for ourselves. But when you have your furry friend accompanying you on the trip, carry a pet-friendly water bottle for it too. Such unique bottles come with a press button feature. Only on pressing the button, water gets dispensed for your dog or cat in a limited quantity. These pet-friendly bottles have a wide spout to allow every breed of animal to drink water with ease. Such pet water bottles are even leak-proof. You need not worry about water spilling when your pet plays with its bottle in the car. 

4. A Pet Seat Cover

Don’t want scratches or stray strands on your back seat? A pet seat cover is your best friend on every road trip you go. As a preventive measure to stop your back seats from getting flooded with the fur of your dogs or cats, bring a seat cover specially made for pets. These movable covers are more like comfy envelopes. They prevent seats from getting blanketed with pet fur and lock any spillage. If you find seat covers pricey, you can carry pet blankets instead and serve the same purpose. 

5. A Travel Crate

If you forget to carry a dog leash, it might not harm you much. However, failing to bring a travel crate could be a big mistake. A few hotels allow travelers to keep their pets alone in the room. During this time, a travel crate can save you from all the mess your pet might create on being free in the room. Moreover, the latest travel crates are lightweight and occupy very little space to be easily taken along in the car.

6. Pet Grooming Essentials

You would not wish to be in a situation where your pet poops and you are out of trash bags, would you? Whether it is dog waste bags or wet wipes, don’t feel lazy while packing and skip anything. Pack a brush or comb to manage the fur of your pet. Also, carry a flea repellant or bug preventative to protect your pets from flies and other tiny insects during exploring outdoors.

7. Certified Pet Medication

Last but not least, carrying all the pet medication is mandatory. On a road trip and into the unknown, finding a vet would be the last thing you would want to do. Before kickstarting your road trip, consult the vet in your town and ask for all the certified pet medicines. 


Phew! That looks like a long list, but you already know most of them as pet owners. Remember, on a road trip, your pet’s comfort is as important as yours. Think if you can’t imagine road journeys without your essentials, how can your pets? There is nothing hard and fast about things to carry with you while on wheels. But, if you love your pets like a parent, consider bringing along all these things to ensure a better trip experience for your fur buddies. 

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