Say no to "Hollywood-Inspired BATANGAS Sign | Taal Volcano"

Lately , It has been a talk of the town for  Filipinos about the suggested ” Batangas” sign over Taal Volcano an imitation of “Hollywood” sign in California. 
I think the majority of Filipinos know that the Taal Lake and Volcano is part of Batangas.

There’s really no question about the creativity of Pinoy .

They say proposals are still currently being reviewed. I was really hoping that the plan of the local government of placing those huge billboards or letters wont push through . I can imagine how beautiful it looks like at night . How attractive it can be for tourists   but can you imagine the disturbances it could bring to the fauna residing at the island?

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Let us prioritize areas for conservation of faunal species instead. Let’s concentrate our efforts to protect biodiversity. We have numbers of species rarity and richness. So I say no to “Hollywood-Inspired BATANGAS Sign | Taal Volcano”

Is this a joke?

“Stop the greed!”


Taal Volcano is situated in the island of Luzon, Philippines . This volcano is near the

 middle of Lake Taal and was formed by prehistoric volcanic eruptions . This picturesque views can be seen from Tagaytay Ridge. 

The Taal volcano is located in the province of Batangas. 

Will this help us promote the province? What do you think?

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