I am not going to argue that  it’s really more fun in the Philippines. And one thing is for sure in every trips and every place has its fair share of funny traveler who never fail to brighten up your day. One who can break the ice to kill your boredom.  And this month of May I am so excited to publish the interview of the girl who owns The Shades of Grey.


    Tell me something about your travel blog?

    The Shades of Grey ( depicts the things I love and what I just learned to love. This contains my travel stories along with photographs that I would love to paint a thousand words,figuratively. And nevertheless, what I wanted to share with all of you.

    shades of grey

    Three favorite travel blogs she reads often

    I’ve been reading a lot of Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ travel blogs, lately. But these three are the first few I’ve started to follow and admired even before PTB:

    PinayTravelJunkie – I have been a follower of her travel blog since I was starting out last year which started with a simple comment exchange. Aside from cutie Luna, you’ll definitely get thrilled with the different travel stories of hers.

    LakadPilipinas – I am and always will be a big fan of Sir Christian’s photography which is truly inspiring.

    BatangLakwatsero – He paved my way to meet travel buddies of mine today which I am truly thankful. And just like Pinay Travel Junkie we became friends via comment exchange. What I like most of his travel blog is its distinct taste of history and his eye for photography.

    travel blogger elal

    What is the best thing about blogging

    Meeting new friends and travel buddies.


    The worst thing about blogging

    When you keep worrying of your backlogs. Totally stressful!  (laughing)


    Where she gets her  inspiration for her blog?

    Whenever I travel it re-ignites my spirit and inspires me more which I wanted to share via photographs. For me, I get inspired when I capture something that depicts more than what is merely seen and that has also constantly challenged me.


    Tips you to  share for aspiring travel bloggers

    Shine by showing the real you. And for your passion to sustain, enjoy every bit of what you are doing.


    The Shades of Grey
    Love. Life. Travel. Photography.

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