Manila is the the heart of the the Philippine islands. Metro Manila has sixteen cities and one municipality where numerous business establishments are located. Major cities are Quezon city or also known as the entertainment capital. Marikina on the other hand is dubbed as the shoe capital of the Philippines.

Other attractions in Manila include various museums like the National Museum, children’s museum and a lot more.

Beside the Rizal Park is Manila’s tourist belt. Ermita, where one can purchase a unique antique collections, art galleries and souvenir shops. Malate on the other hand provides a great hotspots for cafes, spas and other entertainment centers and venues.

Witness the spectacular view of Manila bay sunset along Roxas boulevard. One can have a breath-taking view of luxury hotels and casinos and other tourist spots.

Manila is also home to a big gastronomic adventures. Visit Malate or treat yourself with an exotic food at the Chinatown in Binondo Manila.


Manila is the capital and also the trading center in the country. The most popular tourist destination in the National Capital region. This is where you see a lot of establishments, museums and replica of Spanish and American memories and a surviving trace of the world war are located. Despite of changes and  development in the country, the Manila’s oldest district was restored and preserved to commemorate its natural and historic image.

In Manila, you will see mixed communities of distinct and extreme differences. There is China town, the home of Filipino Chinese community. There are historic places in the city that include the busy and old commercial districts of Quiapo, Ermita, Intramuros, Santa Cruz and Santa Mesa.

Rizal Park meanwhile is a well known park that is open to the public, mostly it is jam-packed with people during the weekends. 

Manila never fails me when it comes to leisure walk and budget shopping. All of us have different weekend getaways and stuff. So right now, I strongly encourage you to join me and let’s start to do the walk. If you intend to stay a little bit longer one can find properties for rent in Manila at the best prices online or check nearby apartment in Mandaluyong.

Let’s go ahead and take a shopping tour in Manila.

For first timers, the most interesting thing you will ever learn and discover in the city of Manila’s shopping district is that it is segregated in different areas of town based on merchandise being sold.

Jewelry shops can be found in one specific area, another sporting goods and gadgets and electronics stores in another area. Food and clothing stores were all grouped together in one place. 

The streets in Manila are busy as in super crowded with people on the go so when you have plans to go to Manila, just wear a very comfortable clothes.

Each time I visit the Manila China town, I always think of lucky charms, a bright coloured fruits, dragon dance, Chinese food, Chinese wok, fortune cookies, Hopia and a lot more.

This is one of my favourite districts in Manila, most specifically the Ongpin street. It is commonly known for its cheap gold jewelry. The street is named after a Filipino Chinese merchant and Philantropist Roman Ongpin, the first dealer of art galleries and supplies in Chinatown.

The Manila Chinatown is definitely the gold center because every other store has a jewelry shop and with the others in between have a small restaurants and general merchandise store.

Would you believe for only PHP 1000.00 you can buy a gold bracelet or a pair of  ring or a necklace with pendant? There are also set of jewelry that cost at a reasonable price. Go and see for yourself.

Chinatown is also all about heritage and culture. You can check out Bahay Tsinoy, the museum that tells the history of the Filipino Chinese from the old Hispanic times to the present. The collection of photographs and porcelain are the most impressive  parts of the museum and also has the extensive collections of materials and interesting information about the Chinese in the Philippines.

Another interesting things about the Chinatown is the selection of several pick your own meal restaurants. These restaurants have extensive collections of live sea creatures from live fish, lobsters and a lot more. Just point at something and they will cook it and serve it to you with a smile.

I was thinking of eating something exotic at one of the restaurants but did not do it for I know I wont like it. Eating a frog legs maybe or soup number 5? I will think about it first but I guess it’s worth the experience. 

You will also love the Binondo church, it’s where the Patron Saint San Lorenzo Ruiz came from. I have tried the Oyster cake and its something new to me so I decided to experience the oyster fried and cooked with cassava flour.

I also tried the special Tikoy and cakes at the Salazar bakeshop and bought something for my grandparents at one of the Chinese drug stores out there. And on the sidewalks , figurines and all kinds of charms are up for grabs. 

Your Chinatown tour would not be complete without passing by at the Eng Bee Tin. They have the famous Hopia which is the red mongo. If you are a frequent traveler and looking for travel backpacks just go to Juan luna Street. Believe me, the items being sold are very reasonable. Have you seen the people selling puppies as well? They are soooooo cute.

Several blocks from the Chinatown there’s the Quiapo Ilalim Market. There you will find all types of hand made handicrafts  and other souvenir items. Just try to work with your negotiation skills. There’s also  a section of town in Manila which is called Raon, that sells electronics and sporting goods. The entire block was full of ELECTRONIC STORES and SPORTING GOODS. 

Another city venue that started in budget shopping is the Divisoria which I believe it immediately created an impact on the Philippine retail industry by changing the Filipino shopping values and culture with modern principles. (Shop for affordability and convenience)

With my Manila shopping and leisure walk, it’s really obvious that majority of the Filipinos are very practical and simple. Just walking through some of the areas catering to my needs reshaped my opinions about value of money, affordability and convenience.

In addition, the main value of a Filipino is hospitality. Filipinos will definitely do anything just to make their visitors happy and comfortable. 

Now what are you waiting for? Look for a cheap airline ticket  and explore one of the most progressive and beautiful cities in the world.

♫Manila, ManilaI keep coming back to Manila

Simply no place like Manila

Manila, I’m coming home♫


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