When I was asked about reasons why I travel. I humbly say, I travel because I want to be rich. The way I travel enriches my life. You can’t buy it.There is no price to it. I travel because I have this extreme unsatisfying hunger for curiosity. My wandering soul is always alive when I explore things and I love that feeling.

We laugh , we cry , we socialize, we explore, we wander, we discover things and sometimes we are lost. But its fulfilling!

Juanderfulpinoy features another backpacker and will share you insight about his travel experiences. Photo and story by Pipo Torres.

Hope to see you somewhere on the road!

Not all of us get the travel bug early, but it can still bite hard once it does!

FEATURED TRAVELERI suppose I got the bug in a big way when I woke up buying my first TNF bag and DSLR camera. I am to the point that I studied photography because I know deep inside me I am an adventurer and loves to travel. I definitely think you can catch that travel bug at a very young age. I started traveling? Growing up, my only travel experiences in childhood were family outings but then my dad used to be assigned to different places here in the Philippines, and given the chance I visit him with the whole family. My first major travel was in Tacloban , Leyte and Samar. That was my first plane trip also.

While I don’t live a life of austerity during the year I am careful with the amount I spend on clothes, eating out and the purchase of non essentials (wine, etc.) so my travel fund can grow faster.

I work to live, not live to work. My contract work affords me the opportunity to travel on my schedule. My life could not be more enjoyable. I have time to plan my vacation and try to go to a different place every year. I think you have to make travel a priority in your life in order for it to happen.


As the world is my home, I need to feel at home.

Because I feel most at home when I am in motion.

There just too much great stuff to see

To see the way light falls in other parts of the country…world

Because I truly believe that travel is art. We have the ability to create masterpieces with our experiences.

To share my experiences when I come back.

Because I have an insatiable sense of curiosity and adventure.

To look back on my life and know I LIVED and experienced everything I could the world has to offer. And to know I learned from others and soaked in the beauty of as many people as possible. (Above photo: Jasmine beach resort Samar)



Tips for hassle-free traveling:

Use padlocks for your check-in bags.
Bring enough basic medicine. Getting sick during vacation is a total bummer, so make sure you have the means to address it right away.
Don’t bring your whole bath room , just transfer them into little containers that you can pack into your bags.
Guard your ID cards.
Bring Zip lock bags. They serve many purposes for travelers. They can also protect your gadgets from sand and water
Tote an extra bag for stuff you can’t pack inside your check-in luggage.
Stock up on fully charged batteries and memory cards/sticks.

(Right photo- Horse backriding in Tagaytay)

FEATURED TRAVELBefore you decide to become a traveler, you must first do some serious self-examination. You have to ask yourself, “Do I have the personality and mind-set to be a traveler?” To be a happy and successful traveler, you must have a sense of adventure, a willingness to adapt and not mind being the perpetual new kid on the block. Travelers must be able to adapt to new situations quickly. They must be able to walk into a new hospital and feel comfortable in their environment within a very short period. Travelers need to be able to socialize easily with strangers, since everyone will be a stranger at first.


FEATURED TRAVELERIf you are uncomfortable not knowing anyone in the room or feel frightened in unfamiliar situations, then traveling may not be right for you. If you are a person that likes to be the most knowledgeable person at work and likes to know the where and how and who of everything, you may find being a traveler uncomfortable and intimidating. However, if you feel at home with a group of strangers within a very short period of time, enjoy the sense of adventure of going to new places, look forward to going to a new city and are not easily intimidated or concerned by being in unfamiliar situations, then you may do well as a traveler.

Thanks Pipo for sharing your TRAVEL stories.

Do you want to be featured as well? Share your unforgettable travel journey and experiences with photo to chinchanlakwatsero @gmail dot com.


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