SMART TRAVEL TIP: The importance of budgeting when on an adventure trip

The importance of budgeting when on an adventure trip

Making sure that my money would last when I went on my recent adventure trip was not the first thing that sprang to my mind when I began thinking about what to do on my vacation, but I am certainly glad that I decided to do some financial planning before I went. Otherwise, my trip may not have been as much fun as it ended up being.


Where to start

I began my budget plan by working out exactly what my travel expenses were likely to be. This included the cost of accommodations, travel permits, travel costs (tickets, rentals, gasoline, etc.), and admission charges to the various attractions I wanted to visit. I also had to factor in the approximate cost of meals, as well as the money I would set aside for emergencies. I was actually surprised by how much even these necessities were going to cost me.

Cost saving tips

I have found that if a person is prepared to fly by the seat of their pants a bit, they can save a great deal of money by booking locally. This can be a little scary – especially when it comes to accommodations, as it means not knowing whether there is going to be a room available until you reach a particular destination – but it will usually save you money that can be put back into the spending money fund, or even used for the next adventure trip.

If you prefer to have a bit more peace of mind when it comes to knowing where you are going to be sleeping, look out for deals offered by adventure tour operators. Group tours often feature attractive prices, but bear in mind that they are based on reaching adequate numbers, and if the company running the tour cannot get enough takers, the prices may rise. Group tours may also impinge upon your independence, and the more adventurous people out there will need to decide whether that fits in with their travel plans. However, these group tours are great for those who prefer to have a little security.

Money management

Spending money is an important part of any budget plan. If you are on vacation, you are going to want to have the occasional splurge, whether it is for local events, souvenirs, or something completely unforeseen. Since you do not want to spend your whole trip worrying about whether you can afford these things or not, factor them into your budgeting plan before you leave home. I always set aside a couple of hundred dollars so I can make those impulse purchases without a guilty conscience.

Of course, no matter how much planning is done, there may still be occasions when the money runs out and emergency funds are needed. I always make certain that I have a credit card with me that is accepted in all of the countries I will be visiting. I also set up an online account so that I can receive money by transfer from my family and friends via systems such as should I need it.

Going on an adventure trip can mean having the vacation of a lifetime. Just make sure it is memorable for all the right reasons by making a budget plan that prepares for every financial contingency.

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