SMART TRAVEL TIPS: Money Saving Tips When Traveling with Children

Traveling long distances with children can be mentally and physically draining. However, what is often ignored is that it can also be financially exhausting too. Therefore, it is imperative that before you set off on your vacation that you go online and find out the best ways in which to save money especially when you find yourself traveling with your children.

Below we have discussed some of the pressing issues that arise when traveling with children and the best ways to counter these in order to save money.

SMART TRAVEL TIPS: Money Saving Tips When Traveling with Children

Always look for any possible hidden charges when booking flights

Many airlines have been highlighted for their rather sneaky approach of adding additional charges to the original quoted price of airline tickets. One to watch out for when traveling with children is “infant charges,” which can account for 10% of an Adult’s ticket price as per Qantas Airline’s specifications page. Many small airlines deploy this policy to gain financially on cheap airline tickets.

Pack healthy snacks

Children are always hungry, and the last you want on your hands are moaning children, so make sure you take a pack up lunch with you. This is even more important if you have a stop-over as airport restaurants can be very expensive especially if you are buying for an entire family.

The nightmare of parking at Philippine airports

Unlike the more advanced airports across the world, Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport can be a stickler for parking and more importantly parking charges as a recent Filipino found out. In order to avoid incurring astronomical costs it’s best to pre-book parking at the airport but it does come with its risk.

Parking at Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport isn’t the best unlike leading airports across the world. So, although it may be cost effective and practical when transporting your children to the airport, the parking areas available aren’t particularly secure. The world’s flagship airports such as London’s Heathrow however don’t have this issue as its parking facilities are policed 24-hours a day as reported by Parking4Less. Which leads you to the conundrum of risk against cost efficiency? The choice is yours.

Make sure to book transfers

Upon arrival there’s nothing worse than not having any pre-arranged transfers to your hotel. It can also be extremely expensive not to mention the amount of hassle it will be. You should be able to book these through your travel agent or the online travel company you have used.

Hopefully, the above tips will assist you on your next journey but please, if you have any additional tips, let us know in the comments section below.

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