Sony Alpha A5000: Best Camera for People Who Love to Travel

When I first started travelling, I was worse than clueless about photography, I didn’t even think that taking pictures would be a very important part of my travelling adventures.

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That was until I met up with some fellow wanderers on a trip across the country, who showed me some of the amazing photos that they had taken of some of the wonderful places that they had visited, and then I realized how important it is to document your travels.

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I began photographing some of the people I met and the places I visited on my phone, but I could never really quite capture the mood of the moment in the way that I wanted to.

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Phone cameras have come a long way in recent years, but they are still a long way off from producing the high quality pictures that a real camera can. So, I decided it was time to invest in a proper camera and began searching for the best camera for people who love to travel. Sure, there are times when you feel like shopping around for the best fishing gadgets online.

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I checked out hundreds of reviews, asked untold numbers of people I knew for their recommendations, and I contacted a few travel blogger friends as well to see what they recommended. I eventually chanced upon on the Sony Alpha A5000. One can certainly take his Sony Alpha A5000 everywhere he goes and trust me you can have some stunning photographs that you can keep as a permanent memento of your traveling adventures.

So, if you have been wondering what would be the best camera for people who love to travel; here’s why I am so pleased that I picked the Sony Alpha A5000.

One of the reasons that I initially resisted the idea of carrying a camera with me was that I didn’t want to be burdened with a bulky, heavy piece of equipment. While any good camera cannot be as light as a phone, the Sony Alpha A5000 is surprisingly lightweight and it’s neat and compact too. It fits easily into your small bag and don’t even notice that you are carrying it around with you.

For such a small and relatively inexpensive camera, the Sony Alpha A5000 has so many cool features. I am no technical expert, but I do know that things like texture enhancing features, Wi-Fi capability, a 20.1 megapixel APS-C sensor, and a very good battery life are things that you would usually expect to find on much bigger and much more expensive cameras.

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Another thing that I think makes the Sony Alpha A5000 one of the best cameras for people who love to travel is the LCD tilt screen, or the selfie screen as I like to call it. This is perfect if you like to travel solo, as I often do. You can use it to take selfies and it’s also very useful for taking pictures from a distance when you use the timer on the camera. Being able to see what a shot will look like on the LCD screen is a big help when you don’t have anyone else around to a picture for you.

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The quality of the photos that one can get with the Sony Alpha A5000 is just amazing. The standard image size of the camera is 5456 x 3632, which means that you take a huge amount of detail in a picture and then, when you edit it, you don’t lose any of the sharpness. Isn’t great?

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The Sony Alpha A5000 is the best camera for travelers who love to take videos too. It has an auto-focus function, which ensures that what is the foreground always stays in sharp focus, and the LCD screen makes taking videos easy. I have seen some comments online by people who say that video stabilization on the Sony Alpha A5000 could be better, but I don’t have any problem with that myself.

The built in Wi-Fi function is just what you need to be able to quickly transfer photos from your camera to your phone and then you can upload your pictures onto Instagram, Facebook or your blog. It’s a really useful feature if you are a traveler who likes to inspire people and share your adventures with your followers and friends.

The Sony Alpha A5000 is the perfect camera for people who love to travel, because it doesn’t cost more than your flight to your next international destination! This wonderful little Alpha A5000 camera costs Php 22,999.00, and that’s a bargain for a camera that has as many features as this one does.

Sony Alpha A5000: Best Camera for People Who Love to Travel

Sony Alpha A5000 obviously works well for a travel blogger like me as it becomes easier to carry along with my other travel gadgets – lens, the camera and my backpack. The battery life can take up to 420 shots on a single charge which is also great. If you have been following me on my social media channels, you would have noticed that I frequently update my followers as to where I go so the battery life is a huge factor for me.

I must say that this camera is appealing for someone who loves to capture photos on the go most especially during a trip. It gives you the option to control the shutter speed, ISO, exposure and the lighting as well. This is such a big deal if you really don’t want to bring a heavy DSLR.

Sony Alpha A5000: Best Camera for People Who Love to Travel

Sony A5000 Camera Highlights

  • Camera type: Interchangeable lens camera
  • Lens mount: Sony E-mount
  • Shutter speeds: 1/4000 to 30 seconds
  • Self-timer : 2-sec. or 10-sec. delay
  • Focus features: Auto-focus, focus Lock
  • Video format: AVCHD / MP4
  • Dimensions: Approx 109.6 x 62.8 x 35.7mm
  • Weight of camera: With battery and without lens approx. 270g

Sony Alpha A5000: Best Camera for People Who Love to Travel

Sony Alpha A5000: the best camera for people who love to travel
As you may have guessed, I’m now a big fan of the Sony Alpha A5000! It’s just small and light camera, it takes amazing pictures, and it will turn your travel photos from blurry images that you can only just make out, to clear, sharp, pictures that you can really be proud of.

So from a traveler’s perspective Sony Alpha A5000 loads more than enough pixels and compelling features. I really do think that the Sony Alpha A5000 is the best camera for people who love to travel. It definitely has everything a traveler needs.

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